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What is ProleWiki?

ProleWiki is a marxist-leninist encyclopedia founded in September 2020 dedicated to making information accessible to revolutionaries and those who wish to study revolutionary theory. It's designed to be a dynamic and collaborative encyclopedia, guided by the dialectical method.

ProleWiki is also associated with comrades from Lemmygrad, and we have a community there to better organize our efforts inside our encyclopedia. We have also a commune on Telegram, too.

What does ProleWiki mean?

The name chosen for ProleWiki was based on the term "proletariat", whose root "prole" you may find in common with very different Western languages: proletariat, proletariado, prolétariat, proletariato, proletariaat, etc.. This linguistic phenomenon perfectly reflects the internationalist aim of this encyclopedia, we will always need contribution from comrades of all countries and languages. Spreading our theory is an imperative to free the minds and bodies of the people from wage-slavery and bourgeois exploitation.

What drives ProleWiki forward?

ProleWiki follows some principles democratically established by its contributors, and will depend on the available contributors to maintain our development and internal democracy.

The Marxist-Leninist science should be our guide to emancipation of the human experience from class society and class exploitation, to make our society free to solve its own contradictions in the interests of all workers and producers.

What can I do to help?

For ProleWiki to grow and become a relevant source of knowledge open for the people of the world, we need to contribute to its success collectively. The best thing you can do is to join our Telegram commune and learn how you can help. You can also read our page on How to contribute.

What about Leftypedia?

We are not enemies, we do not act against their project, and both of our projects are complimentary. However, we do not advocate for "leftism" and empty "left unity", that is typical of liberal verbiage. We have a well-defined political line and philosophical framework which is Marxism–Leninism, not a "catch-all" leftism, which we are very critical of. We are not teachers of Marxism–Leninism, but we're all students, and we're all studying while we create our articles.

We respect Leftypedia as a project that has inspired us to advance class consciousness, but it's time for us Marxists-Leninists to have our own platform where we can share our ideas without liberal interference in our work.