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Welcome to the Library of Prolewiki, a space for the collection of texts, articles and books relating to socialism. Previously, this was only for Marxist-Leninist works. But because It is important to understand the history of socialism, works that are non-Marxist or adversarial to socialism are now included. Dates for each work below are provided, and each section is separated by authors.

You can find the works of all Marxist-Leninist authors here.

ProleWiki Selected Works

  1. The three sources and three component parts of Marxism (Lenin's brief outline of Marxist philosophy.)
  2. Manifesto of the communist party (Marx and Engels' analysis of class struggle and an outline communist principles.)
  3. The principles of communism (Engels' series of questions and answers on the Marxist doctrine.)
  4. On authority (Engels' response on the rejection of authority under a socialist state.)
  5. The state and revolution (Lenin's work on the state, its role in society and the necessity of a revolutionary movement.)

Main works

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

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Author Work Year
Marx Critique of Hegel's philosophy of right 1843
Marx Economic and philosophic manuscripts of 1844 1844
Marx & Engels The holy family 1845
Marx Theses on Feuerbach 1845
Marx & Engels The German ideology 1846
Marx The poverty of philosophy 1847
Engels The principles of communism 1847
Marx & Engels Manifesto of the communist party 1848
Marx The 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte 1852
Marx A contribution to the critique of political economy 1859
Marx Value, price and profit 1865
Marx Address of the International Working Men's Association to Abraham Lincoln 1865
Marx Capital, vol I 1867
Marx The civil war in France 1871
Engels On authority 1872
Marx Critique of the Gotha Program 1875
Engels Anti-Dühring 1878
Engels Socialism: utopian and scientific 1880
Engels The origin of the family, private property and the state 1884
Engels Ludwig Feuerbach and the end of classical German philosophy 1886
Marx & Engels Marx & Engels letters 1843–1895

Vladimir Lenin

[Category page]

Joseph Stalin

[Category page]

Mao Zedong

[Category page]

Ho Chi Minh

[Category page]

Kim Il-sung

[Category page]

Clara Zetkin

Complimentary works

Deng Xiaoping

Grover Furr

Kim Jong-un

Enver Hoxha

[Category page]

Martin Luther King Jr.

Domenico Losurdo

Rosa Luxemburg

Carlos Marighella

Martin Nicolaus

Michael Parenti


Georges Politzer

Xi Jinping




Non-socialist works

Aimé Césaire

Department of Strategic Services (Provisional)

Thomas Paine




FOX News

Michael Parenti

Yanis Varoufakis


Soviet Union





United States

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