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A collection of texts, articles and books relating to socialism. Previously this was only for Marxist-Leninist works, but it is currently being expanded to include a wider spectrum of content, including non-Marxist socialists, as well as works that are adversarial to socialism, but still important to understand socialism.

You can find the works of all Marxist-Leninist authors here.

ProleWiki Selected Works

  1. The three sources and three component parts of Marxism (A brief outline of Marxist philosophy, written by Lenin.)
  2. Manifesto of the communist party (An analysis of class struggle through history and an outline communist principles by Marx and Engels.)
  3. The principles of communism (A series of questions about communist ideals answered by Engels.)
  4. On authority (A response from Engels on the rejection of authority under a socialist state.)
  5. The state and revolution (A description of the state and its role in society, and the necessity of a revolutionary movement, from Lenin.)

Main works

Marx and Engels

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Mao Zedong

[Category page]

Ho Chi Minh

[Category page]

Kim Il-sung

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Deng Xiaoping

Need to import from this collection.

Complimentary works

Domenico Losurdo

Georges Politzer

Grover Furr


Xi Jinping





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Yanis Varoufakis

Michael Parenti




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