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Hi I'm Critical. I'm hoping to write articles about basic Marxist principles, because this is what I'm familiar with. I'm more on the sociological, philosophical and political side of things than the economical.

ProleWiki administrator.

Stuff useful for library work

I maintain a page of useful regex functions to make importing books to the library much faster: Comrade:CriticalResist/sandbox/Library stuff

That page also contains online libraries other than the MIA. As much as the MIA was important to all of us in our beginnings (and they have an unrivalled amount of books to offer), they've also admitted to editing books they don't like, removing entire paragraphs or footnotes (see their page here for an example). Sometimes they make edits and don't even admit to it. For that reason I've included websites were you can look at books that hopefully should not have had this kind of editing work done to them.

Technical documentation

If you need technical documentation on the various stuff I've made for ProleWiki cause you're inheriting it from me or something, see below.

If you're just an editor or end user though check the User guide instead. This is for maintenance on these functionalities.

Essays documentation

Library documentation

Portal documentation

Edit button documentation

Sidebar icons on Citizen documentation

Hyperlink buttons on headings documentation

History calendar documentation