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This text should be an ideological guide. Any criticism of this text is accepted in our Telegram commune, or in the discussion page.

Most of this text was collectivized from M.I.A.[1]:

Core tenets

We are guided by Marxism-Leninism, mainly the works of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and Vladimir Lenin.

We fully support the currently developing dictatorships of the proletariat in:

While the below states do not espouse Marxism-Leninism, we support the following nations for their defiance of NATO imperialism, which is the primary contradiction of capitalism at this historical moment.


ProleWiki strives to be free to users and be governed by its contributors

The mission of the ProleWiki is to provide free and accessible information and works relevant to the understanding of marxism-leninism.

ProleWiki encourages the free copying and re-distribution of all materials on the site. You can publish copyrighted material, as long as it adheres to our editorial conventions. Each aspect of our project can be democratically established, however, our project shall never decide for its own dissolution.

ProleWiki strives for collective ownership

ProleWiki strives to never be owned by any individual person, and to always promote collective ownership of the website.

ProleWiki will never carry advertisements or tracking software, and will always strive to preserve the safety of our comrades.

ProleWiki strives for democratic decision making

The central organizational principle of ProleWiki is democratic decision making. No individual should dictate others. There should be, however, a collective dictatorship over the content, guided by Marxism-Leninism.

ProleWiki strives for transparency

Guided by Marxism-Leninism, we adhere to free criticism of our governance. Feel free to criticize us from outside or inside our commune in Telegram.

ProleWiki strives for criticism and self-criticism

Let us remind ourselves that free criticism does not mean the liberal-bourgeois idea of "free speech". We should openly repress:

  • Reactionary language, or language with a purposeful intention of promoting any kind of oppression.
  • Chauvinism, or promoting the idea of one group of people being better than a different group of people.

Self-criticism is not only accepted but encouraged.

ProleWiki should be guided by the philosophical outlook of Marxism-Leninism

Each and every effort is necessary in striving for an international proletarian society. Let Marxism-Leninism be the guiding light of proletarians of all nations!

ProleWiki's priority is to advance class consciousness

We shall unite our efforts to promote revolutionary potential to the people!


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