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This is the page dedicated to synthesize directions for ProleWiki's governance and structure. The discussions happen on the Discussion page, not here.

Below is a draft made based on MIA:[1]

ProleWiki should strive to be free to users and governed by its contributors

The mission of the ProleWiki is to provide free and accessible information and works relevant to the understanding of Marxism-Leninism.

ProleWiki encourages the free copying and re-distribution of all materials on the site. You can publish copyrighted material, as long as it adheres to our editorial principles. Each aspect of our project can be democratically established if there's enough comrades working with us.

ProleWiki should strive to be a collective organization

To help ProleWiki sustain itself, every contributor should make an effort to establish a collective governance of the website.

We should avoid ProleWiki to be owned by any individual person, and we should always promote collective ownership of the website.

ProleWiki will never promote advertisements or tracking software, and will always preserve the safety of everyone our comrades. We currently have no experts on digital security or intellectual property laws, so if you see anything that may compromise the safety of our comrades, please let us know immediately.

ProleWiki needs to be based on democratic decision-making

Democratic decision-making is the essence of every healthy organization. But we shouldn't always depend on decisions, individual initiative can go a long way. We should resort to democratic decision-making when faced with a contradiction, a disagreement. Any comrade is welcome to work on the ProleWiki on this basis. All contributors, which include administrators, should advocate policies and raise issues to collectively work on if needed.

ProleWiki strives for full disclosure of information

Everything about our budget, donations, policy changes, and any source code created shall be open, accessible and public. If any information (which does not compromise the security of the project) is unavailable, let us know somehow.

ProleWiki is politically aligned with Marxism-Leninism

ProleWiki adheres to Marxism-Leninism as a theoretical framework to understand reality and develop praxis. This is an irreconcilable principle of ProleWiki.

ProleWiki promotes free criticism, but enforces limitations on speech

Free speech is collective speech. Let us remind ourselves that this is an educational space. We know that common sense is fertile ground for bourgeois ideology, and we strive to defend ourselves from any infiltration of bourgeois ideology in our works. This includes reactionary language. Upholding the quality of our language directly means upholding the quality of our thoughts, the accuracy of our ideas, etc.

Works directly related to the development and understanding of Marxism, be it books, documents, transcripts of videos or podcasts, shall be put in ProleWiki's Library section. Any reactionary, but nonetheless relevant, work shall be put in ProleWiki's Gulag section, with explicit criticism of the work. This means works adversarial to Marxism-Leninism should only stay in ProleWiki if they have annotated critical commentary of the text. This could be useful in making relevant critiques of idealist, liberal, bourgeois works. Original works made by our comrades goes in ProleWiki's Essay section.

ProleWiki's priority is to advance class consciousness

Educate yourself, educate others. Our goal is to promote accessibly the ideas of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin and other revolutionaries, such as Mao Zedong, Ho Chi Minh, Kim Il-sung, and others, and information relevant to understanding bourgeois society and its historical development.