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This page is for listing our comrades who are currently managing our wiki development, as well as those who have skills who can be useful for future site administration. If you'd like to contribute to development, you can add yourself as a candidate in the discussion page.


Administrators are tasked with political and technical work. Political work include reaching and building consensus and handling internal contradictions among our editors. Technical work is related to managing the MediaWiki software. Since the project is still small, there are only two administrators.

If you have shown an effort in the developing the project selflessly and you're usually active and respectful with others, you'll be eventually able to contribute with administrative work once needed, either through election by active editors or appointment by current admins.

Current administrators are founders of ProleWiki:

  • Forte - technical maintainer (front and back end), maintains PT instance.
  • CriticalResist - technical vice-maintainer (front-end), maintains agitprop, maintains FR instance.

Other maintainers

Since late 2023, the administration has brought forward candidates for election by the trusted editors to fulfil certain maintenance roles in stead of the administrators. These are:

  • Emby - elected to maintain the library.
  • 420dengist - elected to maintain the essays section.
  • RedCustodian - maintains discord book club EN.
  • Dragon - maintains ES instance as well as discord book club ES.

If you have any questions, please contact the appropriate maintainer first if applicable.

Internal security group (intsec)

The members of the group are tasked with monitoring activity on the wiki and investigating external interference in our project. During the time ProleWiki was suffering from a wave of infiltration attempts, the efforts of some editors stood out and they were recruited by administrators for this work. Current members are:

Agitprop Secretariat

The agitprop work involves creating content to be pushed in our social media accounts, mostly Twitter, but also TikTok, Youtube, or even Instagram. This work can be done by any editor through our Discord channels.

Secretaries of agitprop coordinate efforts to create content directed towards bourgeois social media to spread propaganda about our project. They discuss and propose directions towards improving this work.

Current comrades on this task are:

If you are interested in participating on social media, contact CriticalResist!

Tech stack

  • Software: MediaWiki
  • Hosting: Terrahost (see more details on the donate page)
  • Domain registrar: Namecheap

Right now, site uptime relies on the skills of our technical contributors. In the future, we'd like to explore tech stacks which can improve our resilience if any of our technical contributors were unable to fulfill their roles for whatever reason. Suggestions about how to achieve this are welcomed in the discussion page as well.

Future plans

See ProleWiki news logs/Future ideas

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