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About me

I'm a Jewish Marxist from Western Europe. I have been a student of Marxism-Leninism since 2013, when I was a 15-year-old teenager, and subsequently spent a decade of my life slowly learning and learning. I have had the same general "ML, pro-AES" line that entire time---besides a very brief confused Tito/Trotsky phase in 2013 that lasted a month or so.

Most of my ideological formation can be credited to online reading groups, first on Tumblr and then on "Leftbook", a community of Facebook-based leftist discussion groups, including Marxist-Leninist ones like "Communism 101" and "Karl Marx's Red Reading Room". My comrades and ideological teachers in those environments were almost all trans and as a result trans liberation has always been an integral part of communism for me.

I was a member of an org for 7 years, but left due to my serious disagreement with many of their ideological lines (especially with regard to China, Russia, LGBT rights, and international affiliations) and noticing that the line struggle was a losing one. I am no longer a member of any org as of 2023.

I have reached the conclusion that European and Euro-settler countries necessarily take a backseat in the global struggle against imperialism, so I think my efforts really are better spent helping educate younger communists from all over the globe, including helping with intitiatives like ProleWiki (until such a time as actual revolutionary conditions are reached in the Western world, in which case I would definitely seek to either join or help create a revolutionary organization).

Aside from Marxism, my interests are fiction writing, making electronic music, listening to lots of different music genres, gaming, and doing a little bit of computer stuff. I am also admin of a fairly large fandom-related Discord server with about 4000 members which takes up some of my time.

Wiki experience

I joined ProleWiki in 2021. I have been installing different CMSs, including MediaWiki, in my own amateurish web hosting career for even longer than I've been a Marxist-Leninist. As someone with a good understanding of MediaWiki, I hope to help out this project on the MW technical side of things as well as trying to help as a regular editor.

In 2015, I was involved in something of a spiritual precursor to ProleWiki called "Prolepedia". Unfortunately, "Prolepedia" did not survive very long, due to clashing ideological lines causing infighting within the project; as a result of that experience, I now firmly believe that the only way this project can survive is by taking a firm stance against so-called "maoists", "anti-revisionists", trotskyites and other ultras and anti-communist "tendencies" like social-chauvinist settler communists.