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About me[edit | edit source]

Communism[edit | edit source]

I'm a Decolonial Marxist-Leninist from Western Europe, a student of Marxism-Leninism since 2013 when I was radicalized in the context of Palestinian solidarity activism. A great deal of my orientation towards Marxism-Leninism can be credited to online comrades and the "Leftbook" reading groups (2013 - 2015), including "Communism 101" (the old, good one that was just MLs).

I was also a member of an IRL org for some years, but left due to a serious disagreement with many lines, and no support among others for any sort of line struggle related to this. This line problem was complex but encompasses things like the stance on China, stance on Russia, stance on Palestine, stance on settler-colonialism or lack thereof, etc., from the org in my country, as well as its international lines and affiliations more broadly.

Etc[edit | edit source]

Aside from Marxism, my interests are fiction writing/worldbuilding, making electronic music, gaming, computer stuff.

Wiki experience[edit | edit source]

I joined ProleWiki in 2021. I've used MediaWiki for many years in different contexts, so I hope to help out this project on the MW technical side of things as well as trying to help as an editor. In 2015, I was involved in a spiritual precursor to ProleWiki called "Prolepedia". Unfortunately, "Prolepedia" did not survive very long, due to clashing ideological lines causing infighting within the project; as a result of that experience, I now strongly believe that the only way this type of project can survive is by taking a firm line stance against "maoists", "anti-revisionists" and other ultras, as wel as social-chauvinist settler-communists and eurocommunists.