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We are ProleWiki, a communist (Marxist-Leninist) project founded in September 2020. Our aim is to build an anti-imperialist and proletarian collaborative encyclopedia, with information on current events, communist parties worldwide, countries, and more. We also host a library of texts important to the international proletarian movement, from Marx and Engels to Lenin and Stalin. Since our beginning in 2020, we currently have 3,535 articles and counting.

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The nature and status of LGBT+ rights in current and former actually existing socialist (AES) countries is a common subject of inquiry and debate throughout the political sphere, chiefly among LGBT communists looking for truth and answers regarding the actual rights enjoyed and issues faced by LGBT people under AES, among reactionary and anti-communist individuals and organizations seeking to utilize or misconstrue LGBT rights violations and policy failures under AES as a way to discredit and undermine AES countries, and by communists with anti-LGBT lines seeking precedent to uphold their anti-LGBT stances. Given these intersecting desires and aims, and in some cases, concerted reactionary and/or anti-communist propaganda campaigns, as well as the co-optation and weaponization of LGBT struggle by liberal, bourgeois, and imperialist organizations for destabilization of AES countries through color revolution, the subject of LGBT rights in AES countries is often surrounded with difficulty and controversy.

Distinguishing between real problems faced by LGBT communities under AES and anti-communist propaganda that seeks to use LGBT rights as a cover or vehicle for spreading misinformation and atrocity propaganda about AES countries is a persistent issue in the discourse around this subject.
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13 June




  • Kočo Racin, a Macedonian poet, communist, partisan and writer, is shot to death under mysterious circumstances.



The first Pentagon Papers article in the New York Times


  • Guyanese Marxist historian Walter Rodney is murdered, likely by the government of Guyana.
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