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Read this essay on writing, The Pen is a Major Tool. Mathematics and Statistics background.

Q: Where does my username come from? D is for dialectical. Geo is for earth, materialism. It should be DaeGeo, but it isn't.

An editor of Tv Tropes for all my adult life, a student of Marxism since COVID-19. Leader of a Marxist book Club. Recently joined the CPUSA to better learn Lenin in a dialectical way of both theory and practice. Working on Marxist Econ PhD. Follow me at

Study Notes

Click this sentence to see my notes on Marxism, History, Economics and so on.

University in China

Renmin university:

international student application portal:

Frontfacing English page:

Application process:

Application process for business school:

Student visa requirements:

When applying, also apply for Confucius scholarship here:

Summer school registration:

2023 summer school calendar:

List of degree programs:

OLD 2022 scholarship application guide:

List of administration departments with phone numbers:

Humanities department (chinese studies and cultural exchange):


Incorporate this (, into the dialectical materialism page.

Make presentation to Administration about Rusty's Rules for Order if the wiki ever starts to need meetings.

A page about Assata Shakur as well.

There's a pretty interesting tweet about Maxim Gorky I'd like to do some research on.

Add Claudia Jones, Thomas Paine, and Assata Shakur to Library

Read Mao's and

Watch Anwar's economics talk here: and here

explore whoever this guy is:

read make a full transcript of the famous yellow parenti video

Three major American political economists. None of whom have a page: weezy/baran/magdoff

When in China, see if ProleWiki needs a ICP license.

Do research on FLTR language learning for the Mandarin guide.


Banned Material

There's a Richard Wolff Video that was put out for the 90th anniversary of Lenin's death. Link here: The video is blocked in the United States and I'm pretty sure Europe as well. This of course means I NEED TO SEE IT. I don't have an asian proxy at the moment so if your reading this with one, please rip the video off YouTube for me.

Red Sails

Read you. My personal favorite website for living theory writers.

In This Profile Page, We Believe

  • Stalin Did Nothing Wrong
  • Nuclear energy is the future
  • Regenerative growth: Scientific & Utopian
  • NATO is a Fascist Organization
  • Join China's Belt & Road Initiative
  • Holodomor is a Nazi Myth
  • Socialism or Barbarism

Finished Books

prolewiki relevant books i've read in rough order:

  • Introducing Slavoj Zizek: A Graphic Guide
  • Pandemic! COVID-19 Shakes the World
  • Pandemic 2! Chronicles of a Time Lost
  • Assata An Autobiography
  • Capitalism on a Ventilator: The Impact of COVID-19 in China & the U.S.
  • Black Shirts and Reds
  • Marxist-Leninist Reading Hub Stage 1
  • The Assassination of Julius Caesar: A People's History of Ancient Rome by michael parenti
  • Karl Marx: A brief biographical sketch with an exposition of Marxism -V I Lenin
  • Pedagogy of the Oppressed
  • what is to be done -v.i. lenin
  • State and Revolution -v.i. lenin