Red Sails

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Red Sails, also RedSails or Redsails, is a communist website run by Roderic Day, Nia Frome, and Sobrina de Alguien. It features classical Marxist-Leninist texts as well as original essays by its contributors. Furthermore, the Red Sails team produces original translations of interviews with Marxist revolutionaries and thinkers. The project upholds Stalin and the People's Republic of China, and advocates for intersectionality while opposing liberal identity politics. According to its mission statement, the combination of original writing and seminal Marxist classics is strategically intended to encourage all Marxists to write their own theory, and avoid viewing existing Marxist works as a sacred canon that cannot be criticised and/or expanded upon.[1]

Domenico Losurdo features prominently within the thinkers translated, cited, and published on Red Sails by the team.

References[edit | edit source]

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