Comrade Forte

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I live in the UTC-3 area, for an idea of the period I'm online. Do notice that I have insomnia and might be awake 3am in my time period a day or another

Hello, I'm Felipe Forte. I'm a student of Marxism-Leninism since 2019 and was organized in the Brazilian Communist Party until 2021. My main areas of research and study are Marxist-Leninist works and their authors biographies (Marx/Engels, Lenin and Stalin), critique of anti-communism, Soviet history and historical-material analysis of imperialist companies.


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  1. Domenico Losurdo (2017). Has China turned to capitalism? — Reflections on the transition from capitalism to socialism. International Critical Thought. doi: 10.1080/21598282.2017.1287585 [HUB]

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