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GheorgheCraciun (talkcontribs)

Good afternoon comrade! I greatly expanded the page about Brazil. Since I noticed that you are Brazilian, could you take a look and make the necessary additions? I think it would be best if a local communist described the current situation

Forte (talkcontribs)

Your contributions were very accurate, comrade, thanks. One thing that I think is worth mentioning is avoiding too much information condensed, and especially information without sources. As a Brazilian, I can tell the information you put is mostly accurate, but readers from elsewhere have no way of validating the information presented there. This is why it's important that we put sources to the information we present. It's better in the short term to present less informations, but with sources included, than adding thousands of words without a single source to back it up

GheorgheCraciun (talkcontribs)

I agree, I've added sources for each period. The reason I prefer longer paragraphs and more information is I don't expect anyone to add much on Brazil soon, the page will stay the same for some time


Summary last edited by Forte 15:46, 23 October 2022 23 October

Wisconcom has showed his clear careerist tendencies within ProleWiki and his disruptive behavior did not improve over time. ProleWiki is not against anti-revisionist tendencies, we are against factionalist, sectarian and dogmatic individuals

Wisconcom (talkcontribs)

greetings, comrade Forte. I have spent the past few days reflecting on my decision to retire indefinitely from the project, and I have reached the conclusion that my decision was ultimately not in my best interest as a Communist, and as a comrade to this community.

My issues with ProleWiki are not, I have determined, great enough to the degree that ProleWiki itself would be irredeemable. All my issues can and should be solved, not merely for the sake of myself, but for the sake of my comrades at ProleWiki which I have developed, and for those comrades who will educate themselves with ProleWiki in the future.

I maintain that disagreements in the line of a Communist organization can be negated and done away with via peaceful means. Hence, I come to the ProleWiki administration with a petition to remove these errors which have appeared, and for the betterment of ProleWiki as a means of educating the people.


1. As per principle "ProleWiki strives for transparency", I am to be informed of all previous proceedings against me, in the aspects of the reason why they took place, the ultimate decision of the proceedings, and the time they took place. I am further to be informed of any ongoing penalizations against me.

Further, in the case that any parts of a private discussion in which I have taken part in are wished to be shared among the administration, I MUST be asked for my consent and then informed if it has been shared.

2. As per principle "ProleWiki strives for criticism and self-criticism", the administration is no longer able to issue any sort of bans or blocks on my account solely for my expression of my views on nations, parties, and other aspects, unless I demonstrate behavior which compromises the comradeship or revolutionary principles of ProleWiki.

3. Anybody who is requesting an account on ProleWiki is no longer able to be denied solely due to their responce to the account request question "What is your position on China? Do you believe China is a socialist country? Why so, or why not?" being negative. Further, I request to be given, in addition to all user-roles held by me before the date October 17th, 2022 including "Comrade" and "Agitpop", the user-role "delegate", in order to ensure that no unfair rejections of Anti-revisionists takes place.

4. I am to be informed of any future proceeding against me, as per the principle cited on "1.". I am to be informed of the reason for the proceedings, the time in which they have taken place, and the conclusion made in them.

This petition is to be forwarded to the other administrator.

Thank you.

Olivee (talkcontribs)

I wanted to give money for the development of the project, but after the removal I changed my mind. And there was no spam there and there is no spam. I added only two images and wrote a short article about a person who promotes socialism. What's wrong with that?

Forte (talkcontribs)

And there was no spam there and there is no spam. I added only two images and wrote a short article about a person who promotes socialism. What's wrong with that?

I will give you a point-to-point reason why we believe your edits seemed to be spam:

  • You had no contributions prior to creating the article Alexander Tatarnikov (Diezel Sun) on Portuguese ProleWiki.
  • A websearch for the person "Alexander Tatarnikov" or his online name points towards no substantial results, only random pages on several wiki websites, such as:
  • All of these articles usually have the same descriptive passages, pointing to self-promotion, such as:
    • "founder of a new art direction"
    • "famous"; "world-renowned artist"
  • Depending on the wiki, the content changes. In wikis associated with paranormal, this person is described as associated with "ufology", in wikis associated with art, they are described as "world-renowned artist", in our wiki, he is described as "promoting the ideas of socialism", and in several wikis, they are described as associated with "religion and spirituality".

I honestly don't know what to think considering all of this. You have every right to explain yourself and your intention in promoting this person, unless this person is yourself. In that case, your intentions are evident, and self-promotion is not welcome in ProleWiki.

But if that's not yourself, this article is still not welcome in ProleWiki as this person has no relevance for socialism or workers movement, and at least as far as it looks, this looks like a self-promoting campaign.

How come a "world-renowned" artist has no presence outside their online presence in several wikis and fandom websites? Not even a stub article on Russian Wikipedia, supposedly their mother-tongue?

Olivee (talkcontribs)

How do you know whether he is related to socialism or not? He lives in a completely different country. Any person on the planet can have an attitude towards socialism. A famous person does not have to be on Wikipedia, they can be without Wikipedia. The creative theme of this author is cosmic and spiritual, it really is. There is nothing wrong with the fact that in some wikis it is written about this person, even if these wikis relate to the subject of ufology, if the subject of the author is diverse, then this is very good. For some, this person is famous, but for someone not, everyone has a different opinion. In any case, I'm not mad about deleting the article and depriving me of the rights to create articles, but I really wanted to transfer a certain amount of money for your project, but then I changed my mind .... In my understanding, there is no self-promotion in this. There is nothing wrong with people writing about something new, for example, new trends in creativity, that's great.

Forte (talkcontribs)

Any person on the planet can have an attitude towards socialism.

You're right, but not necessarily deserving of an article about them. For instance, I have an attitude towards socialism, that still doesn't justify creating an article about me.

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