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Uphold Hoxhaism!

Hello. I am a Scientific Socialist and Hoxhaist who is a student of history, philosophy, and other social sciences.

I greatly enjoy reading the works of Marx and Engels, often those that relate to economics. In regards to the Marxists that put the theories of Marx into practice, I am most amiable to Lenin, Stalin, and Hoxha. I have been reading the works of Marxist and other socialist thinkers for years now, and I have developed a soild base of Communist ideas.

I am hopeful that I will be able to help Prolewiki become a place where Marxists are able to fully use as a reliable source of information without Liberal-Capitalist propaganda.

Presently, my goals for Prolewiki are:

1. Write essays, promoting space travel under socialism, automation and cybernetics for both a planned economy and the population, the long-term effects of late-stage capitalism, the promotion of anti-revisionism and Hoxhaism, and respectfully and peacefully promoting anti-theism, and a society free of dogmatic religion.

I am very interested in vexillology, particularly when it relates to Communist iconography.
One of my favourite historical figures...

2. Writing new articles which expand the intellectual coverage of Prolewiki, including and particularly cybernetics and space technology, along with less modern historical events and ages.

3. Creating articles which help readers and comrades understand modern western politics and socio-political trends, along with helping them fight aganist increasingly common and dangerous conspiracy theories and xenophobia.

Sources I wish to use:

China: The Power Behind the $700 Billion Bailout

How Chinese firms have changed Africa

What China is really up to in Africa

Donald Trump to prominent conspiracy theorist: “Your reputation is amazing”'

Experiences and Challenges in the Development of the Chinese Capital Market

Princeton Concludes What Kind of Government America Really Has, and It's Not a Democracy

The USSR – the Democracy You Didn’t Know About

Pat Sloan - Soviet Democracy

From Windows 1 to Windows 10: 29 years of Windows evolution

A New Albania: a small nation, a great contribution

Transhumanism: A Realistic Future?

The History of the Socialist Construction of Albania (1944-1975)

Pages I wish to create/expand:

In the case that you wish to see my progress on these essays in particular, see my sandbox.

In the case that you would like to see my studynotes, see here.


Eurocommunism is Anti-Communism cover.jpgThis comrade knows that Eurocommunism is Anti-Communism
Antifa logo.pngThis comrade is ANTIFA
EU flag.pngThis comrade strongly dislikes the European Union
ATHThis comrade is an Atheist
Haz picture.pngThis comrade is strictly against National Bolshevism
Nanjing International Youth Cultural Centre Building.pngThis comrade likes Neo-futurist architecture
White-Genocide paper..pngThis comrade loaths hate, ignorance, and conspiratorialism
De-1Dieser Kamerad kann Deutsch auf niedrigem Niveau sprechen
Computer with h&s grapthic.jpgThis comrade likes
Nihilist Communist book cover.pngThis comrade is a Nihilist.
Hoxhaist flag.pngThis comrade is a Hoxhaist
Этот товарищ умеет читать кельтский алфавит.
Hoxha election picture.pngThis comrade loves democracy
Αυτός ο σύντροφος μπορεί να διαβάσει το ελληνικό αλφάβητο.
Khrushchev.pngThis comrade is opposed to Revisionism
Special Military Operation Image.jpgThis comrade knows that Imperialism against the USA is still Imperialism.
Flag of USA reversed.svgThis comrade is from, and hates, the American Empire
Leon Trotsky picture.jpgThis comrade dislikes armchairs
Marx-Engels-Lenin-Stalin flag.pngIf Stalinism existed, this comrade would be a Stalinist
Flag of Wisconsin.pngThis comrade is a Wisconsinite
Commars colony.jpgThis comrade is interested in having a interplanetary civilization
USSR space poster.jpgThis comrade is interested in space
USA capital photo jan. 2021.jpgThis comrade is a strongly opposed to Fascism, especially its modern form
En-NThis comrade is a native speaker of English
Lat-3Hic usor media latinitate contribuere potest.
Stonehenge.jpgThis comrade is interested in history
This comrade knows that the ends justify the means
Enver Hoxha photo.pngThis comrade likes Enver Hoxha
Stalin photo.pngThis comrade likes Joseph Stalin