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Hello. I am a Anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist/Hoxhaist who is a student of history, philosophy, and other social sciences.

I greatly enjoy reading the works of Marx and Engels, often those that relate to economics. In regards to the Marxists that put the theories of Marx into practice, I am most amiable to Lenin and Stalin. I have been reading the works of Marxist and other socialist thinkers for years now, and I think that I have developed a soild base of Communist ideas.

Overall, my ambition with ProleWiki is to help the writing of modern and historic ideological trends. I figure that, with what limited resources I have currently, aiding in the growth of a Wiki for-and-by the proletarians would be a helpful way of putting in my part into the global fight for the liberation of the international working-class.

Presently, my goals for Prolewiki are:

1. Write essays, promoting space travel under socialism, automation and cybernetics for both a planned economy and the population, the long-term effects of late-stage capitalism, the adaption of anti-revisionist methodology and other ideas which are commonly refered to as "Hoxhaism", and respectfully and peacefully promoting anti-theism, and a society free of dogmatic religion.

2. Writing new articles which expand the intellectial coverage of Prolewiki, including and particularly cybernetics and space technology, along with less modern historical events and ages.

3. Creating articles which help readers and comrades understand modern western politics and socio-political trends, along with helping them fight aganist increasingly common and dangerous conspiracy theories and xenophobia.

In the case that you wish to see my progress on these essays in particular, see my sandbox.