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I'm a marxist-leninist who's parent is petty bourgeois.

Positions[edit | edit source]

The Brain[edit | edit source]

The consciousness is based on the brain and only the brain. Neurology is the explanation for how the consciousness works in the material world.

I thought the mind was just another way of referring to consciousness, but it apparently was separated from the brain, a material organ. I'm a materialist, so I don't believe in that idealist bullshit of divorcing consciousness from matter.

Psychiatry[edit | edit source]

Psychiatry is currently a psuedoscientific state tool of oppression disguised as medicinal aid.

I seek to gradually abolish Psychiatry under Communism (hence I am antipsychiatry). I critically support psychiatry under the proletarian state to oppress the bourgeoisie, as psychiatry is a tool of the state, not just the bourgeois state.

Bourgeois psychiatry promotes metaphysical biodeterminism, an erroneous framework which opposes the reality of dialectical materialism.

Variants of Marxism[edit | edit source]

Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is a dogmatic variant of Mao Zedong Thought that I oppose. It seems like a good idea but just because Maoist parties are winning now doesn't say much about the long-term future of MLM.

U.S Marxism[edit | edit source]

Combat Chauvinist Science[edit | edit source]

There is a widespread tribalist culture of shaming those who gets scammed by psuedoscientists for being scammed and often not understanding science. In practice, a lot of people don't properly understand what science is; I didn't know or understand science until three months ago and I still only understand and remember the scientific method. However, this widespread deficiency does not give the excuse of shamming those groups. Shamming people for the lack of science education ends up promotes anti-intellectualism.

Instead of shamming the misled group, teach them proper science and don't shame them for it. Show to the people that the capitalists only have interests in stopping psuedoscientists to protect their own wealth.

Importance of Supporting and Allying with Health workers[edit | edit source]

Healthcare is one of the few industries where the United States is dominant. Unsurprisingly the superstructure consists of overmedicalization and heavy oppression of the disabled (through segregation, gaslighting, abuse, and bouregois psychiatric oppression).

Lingustics[edit | edit source]

The "Constructed" vs. "Natural" Human Language Debate[edit | edit source]

All human languages have been constructed and used by humans and did not naturally exist, hence all human languages are really constructed languages.

International auxiliary languages[edit | edit source]

I support IALs, mostly Esperanto, as a counter-push against linguistic imperialism and to aid global communication between humans, which is particularly important given the development of hyperconnectivity and internetworks. Esperanto is an excellent language suited for being an IAL; it is not perfect (some root words end with the same letters as suffixes); but it is better than English, and a perfect IAL is impossible anyway.

I do not approve English as an international language; it mostly spread through colonialism[1] and it is still imposed on other countries today in computer science (through U.S dominance of the computer industry); and catered to one demography: Anglos.

I also support the zonal IALs Interslavic and Afrihili.

  • For afrihili, african nationalism is important to oppose colonialism; and an auxiliary language for africans would be a good help towards this goal.

Esperanto[edit | edit source]

I do not support Zamenhof's idealism of an international language being the sole bringer of world peace; class warfare would still exist despite a monolingual humanity, hence making world peace impossible.

Esperanto does not need changing by (Western) reformists; all modern problems (like about non-binary people) already have a solution in fundamental esperanto; so I am sticking within the fundamental rules of Esperanto. I will use ĝi if I don't know a person's gender.

Alternative Fundamento-conforming Solutions to Reforms
Problem Reformist Solution Fundamento-conforming Solution Rationale
Prononun for unknown gender ri ĝi
it is already used for people in English (like in "Who is it?") so I don't see much point about complaining about objectification.
Translate gendered 'they' pronouns ihi & iŝi Prefered: li'ar' & ŝi'ar'
vir'ili & in'ili
Easy to form words that can also be plural.

All of these solutions are what I will be using.

(Controlled) Opposition by Imperialists[edit | edit source]

IALs will become increasingly important; as the development of international capital increases.

As an international auxiliary language, by allowing communications between workers of different nations, contradictionally opposes the imperialists ability to divide the global working-class. I suspect that the imperialist intentionally propagate disinformation about working IALs (pretty much just Esperanto) and promote defunding of IAL education; to keep the working class divided linguistically and to extract more surplus-value out of the labor of language learning.

For example:

  • The Free Software Foundation opposed the introduction of IALs into glibc for years (likely from the start of the project: 1987);[2][3][4] despite some of them being potentially easily addable. (The EO locale was only added in 2017!) It is very strange for them to do this out of the blue; especially as they did not have to do any work; unless if it was guided by pro-imperialist interests. glibc is an important software library used with C programs; and the U.S maintains a lock on the tech industry.

I suspect that this happens with more core foundational software: translations into IALs are likely rejected systemically due to prejudice and to maintain an English monopoly on computer and software production.

Foreign[edit | edit source]

Kerala is not communist in any sense of the word.[edit | edit source]

If the CPI(M) was really Marxist and Kerala was a socialist state; why was there no revolution or war or class struggle to get there? at the same time Why is the maoist party and the indian government in a war (like right now)?

So why on earth did Hakim call Kerala communist in one of his past videos? Maybe didn't realize, maybe an opportunist.

Understandings[edit | edit source]

Dialectical Materialism[edit | edit source]

  • [X] Quantity -> Quality Transformation
  • [X] Law of Unity and Opposites
  • [X] Negation of the negation.
  • [X] Constant changing.

I still struggle to apply and use dialectical materialism; likely because the human brain has not adapted to dialectically think.

Contradictions[edit | edit source]

  • [X] Universality - Contradictions are always present and always exist.
  • [ ] Particularity - Not all contradiction are always present; some contradictions only appear under certain circumstances.'
    • [ ] Particular contradictions form the distinct essence of a thing.
  • [ ] Principality - ?

Marxism[edit | edit source]

Leninism[edit | edit source]

[ ] Imperialism

  • Imperialism is a stage of capitalism characterized by the consolidation of bank capital (money) and industrial capital; export of capital (not commodities); division of parts of the world for capital gain; and formations of monopolial capitalists.

By this criteria,

  • The United States would be described as an imperialist country.
  • China and Russia(n Federation) would not be imperialist (contrary to what some so called "Marxists" claim), as they do not export capital and have not divided or colonized any parts of the world.

[X] Dictatorship of the Proletariat

A dictatorship of the proletariat is a state lead by the proletariat.

Communications (Sociejoj)[edit | edit source]

Social Media[edit | edit source]

Software Projects[edit | edit source]

Marxist Utilities[edit | edit source]

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