ProleWiki:Code of conduct

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This page is an outline of standard practices and responsibilities of ProleWiki editors and our community, both inside and outside the wiki spaces, such as on our Discord server or similar. Changes on this document will be based on collective discussion and critique, either inside the wiki or elsewhere.

General guidelines

Respect and comradeship

Be respectful to your comrades, avoid insults and profanities against each other. We should do an effort, as best as we can, to make our language clearer and respectful among our ranks.

During heated discussions, refrain as best as you can from:

  1. Attacking others and name-calling. There is a big difference between critiquing a liberal thought said by a comrade and calling your comrades liberals, especially if it's an one time deviation. This also includes ad hominems, and sarcastic tone.
  2. Intellectual dishonesty. Sometimes we may feel the urge to cherry-pick quotes and purposefully misrepresent one's arguments during a heated argument for the sake of "winning" the argument. This should be avoided at all costs.


Be honest about yourself and your opinions. If you don't believe something you're saying it's true, don't say it, or correct yourself if you said it. If you're pretending to be something you are not just so you'll be accepted within our community, you're likely going to be expelled from it. Attempting to infiltrate ProleWiki pretending to accept our principles and trying to make substantial changes in the overall political line of the wiki without collective democratic discussion based on consensus is a bannable offense.

Editor guidelines

Avoid copying from Wikipedia

ProleWiki was created to oppose some of the historical and factual inaccuracies of numerous political subjects in Wikipedia. That's why it's preferable to produce original content and write articles from scratch to avoid as much as possible any ideological interference from Wikipedia's articles, which includes their biased wording.

Seek consensus

All editors can edit articles according to their own judgement, but some of these edits can face criticism. These criticisms should be addressed and be discussed collectively, and if a consensus is not reached, the article should be updated to reflect this by not adopting any particular view or side related to the discussion. Later, more discussions can be held to resolve disagreements.

Transparent editing

Be as descriptive as possible when reporting your edit summary, so you'll let the other editors correctly evaluate your changes, and correct them if needed. Thorough edit summaries also give editors a chance to give a certain authorship to their work, so that whenever you see any piece of information, you could see who wrote it merely by looking through the edit history summaries.

Administrator guidelines

Promote democratic input

Administrators should try their best to make editors participate in the major decisions of the project. This creates integrity and unity among our organization and ensures that everyone that works for ProleWiki has the opportunity to improve it and contribute to its direction. Undemocratic decisions are quickly noted by other editors, which makes the administration lose its trust among the editors and generates disunity, so they should be avoided as much as possible, and corrected if needed.

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