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Hello, curious comrade! I see you are interested in knowing more of me, so now that you have entered my profile page, I will talk a little bit about myself and what have I done here. For privacy reasons, I will keep my real name private but you can call me Dragon! I am a Mexican Marxist-Leninist with a strong will to spread the knowledge, so a project like ProleWiki is amazing to me.

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About me

Mini autobiography (Incomplete)

I started learning Marxism around the middle of the pandemic, but the path that lead me to it can trace up to the beginnings of the Pandemic. I used to be a really reactionary kid, mainly because of the narcissism I used to have, that made me defend even the worse things if that could make me win a discussion, and in pandemic, that form of thinking intensified as online I could say whatever I wanted with virtually null consequences. Eventually, while scrolling through the Youtube feed, I found a channel that directly challenged my thoughts, this channel was Esquizofrenia Natural. Logically, I was in disagreement with him at that time, and wanted to hear his arguments in order to see how could I debunk them, so I watched one of his videos. After watching it, I could not sleep the entire night, I kept thinking, with anger, "this guy needs to be wrong! There is no way that what I thought was incorrect!" but the way in which he argued was simply undebatable, and that was my inflection point, I had to concede, and accept that I was wrong, and from there on I continued to watch his videos, while the worldview I had crumbled into pieces. In that moment I was very susceptible to embrace any kind of information that had a somewhat coherent argumentation, so I closed myself to only watch him until I gained some confidence on what I knew. One day I was watching his videos as usual until I stop at a video of him talking about a guy called Carlos Muñoz, he is known for selling bs about how to get rich and so, but what made that video special is that he mentioned a debate that this dude had with some other guy -Diego Ruzzarin-, and I was impressed on how he completely destroyed Carlos in that debate, so I went to watch the debate myself and became amazed. From that point on I started to also watch Diego's channel, and he was the first one that made me sympathize with communism, as he was at that time, someone akin to it. Eventually his position on communism became more and more solid, and so mine. Until he openly called himself a communism , and by that time I already considered myself one, but a baby one.

Joining to the wiki

I joined the wiki after seeing a meme in Instagram comparing the different wikis (wikipedia, conservapedia, rationalwiki) and putting ProleWiki as the best one of all those, and I thought that that wiki was just a created thing for the meme, but after I looked up for it in Google, I found it, and became excited to participate in it. I sent an account request, and I joined the wiki, and then the discord server, and from there on, I have been actively contributing to the wiki.


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