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Neo-Nazism, by its most general meaning, refers to the post-Second World War adherence to Nazism. Neo-Nazis are highly racist (often of the white supremacist and anti-Semitic type), conspiratorial, and reactionary. Neo-Nazism is heavily linked with the "alt-right", and can be viewed as a particular form of neo-fascism. Neo-Nazis' goals range from performing terrorist actions against perceived racial enemies, starting a race war, and creating a Fourth Reich, a successor state to the Third Reich, which was Germany under the NSDAP (Nazi Party). [1] The term Neo-Nazi also refers to movements that seek to either revive the ideology of the Nazi entirely or partially. Due to their beliefs in Nazism, Neo-Nazi's borrow elements from the Nazi Doctrine that includes ultrationalism, Anti-communism, Racism, Ableism, xenophobia and LGBT+phobia. Neo-Nazi's tend to incorporate the usage of Nazi Imagery and the admiration of the former Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

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