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Portrait photo of Teru Hasegawa
The inspiration for my account name, Teru Hasegawa, also known as Verda Majo.

Hello, my name is Verda.Majo. I am a ML.

I hope to contribute what I can to increase peoples' access to information and knowledge through this project.

Projects[edit | edit source]

Here I will list things I am either currently working on or that I plan to work on.

Topics and pages to work on[edit | edit source]

I want to keep adding information about imperialist individuals (such as imperial core politicians, CIA Directors, CEOs of major corporations, etc.) and what specific things they have been involved with, the specific ideas and goals they uphold, what they have done, etc. I also want to eventually work on pages about imperialist think tanks, such as Project for the New American Century, The Heritage Foundation, the Brookings Institution, etc. and pages about large multinational corporations.

One day I intend to increase the amount of information on the list of atrocities committed by the United States of America, as I believe it is an important page to develop. I would also like to add more information in general to DPRK's page and about pages relating to DPRK, including on DPRK's provinces and prominent cities.

Otherwise, I want to keep working on pages and topics I have already contributed to before (see heading below).

Improving and fixing my old edits[edit | edit source]

I want to begin looking through my old edits and trying to improve them and fix problems with them. I will be going through pages where I made big or frequent edits in the past and trying to bring them to a better standard. Of course, I welcome anyone who happens to fix such things before I do. I want to prioritize making my old edits much better cited/sourced, better written, better organized, and in some cases, making subsections of the pages more concise or orderly. In the process of doing this I may end up adding some new information as well, but I mainly want to prioritize cleaning up my edits before adding a lot of new information.

Other[edit | edit source]

Space for other notes. Nothing at the moment.