Imperial core

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The Global North, often synonymous with the imperial core, in blue
Diagram dividing the imperial core into four layers with the Anglosphere at the center
Shared Western history of colonization and genocide

The Imperial core, also known as the First World or Western world, is a term which refers to imperialist countries which have historically benefited from unequal exchange with periphery countries. As a result of the core-periphery relationship, imperial core countries pressure periphery countries economically, politically and sometimes militarily to be dependent of the imperial core countries. Some notable examples of countries in the imperial core include the USA and the United Kingdom, as both of these countries have benefited from imperialism.

First World[edit | edit source]

The first world first came about at the time of the Cold War, with the first ever recorded instance being in 1948. At the time, the first world was used to describe the hegemonic capitalist world in contrast to the USSR and Warsaw Pact nations, called the second world. The third world were the non-aligned countries, who took no clear stance towards either the USA or the USSR.

With time, the term "first world" evolved to mean the richest nations in the world, that profited from colonialism and imperialism.