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We have editorial conventions that help maintain a consistent style throughout the whole wiki. If you usually edit articles, it may be cool to once in a while discuss ideas in the discussion page and check what has been decided.

The best thing you can do before contributing is to see already made articles and check their format, how they're written, etc. In any case, this reference may also help.


We use American English on the reason of being a more popular spelling (more people in the world spell that way).

Title of articles, books, chapters

Proper case approach

Socialism with Chinese characteristics

instead of

Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

This approach makes reading sometimes easier, i.e.:

The Economic Basis of the Withering Away of the State


The economic basis of the withering away of the state



When mentioning the subject of the article in the article body for the first time, use bold. This was adopted from Wikipedia's conventions, i.e.,

Title of the article: Historical materialism.
Body of article: "Historical materialism broadly refers to applying (...)"


Don't use external links in the article body. External links should be put in a "External links" section at the end of the article.


Cited works

There will be many cases where it's not always clear when to lowercase and when to uppercase certain expressions. Cited works in other media usually have all their words capitalized, but we use a proper case approach with italics when citing work titles to improve readability, i.e.,

Ludwig Feuerbach and the end of classical German philosophy

instead of

"Ludwig Feuerbach And The End of Classical German Philosophy"

In this case, the capitalized words are either proper nouns or nationalities, and the italics are used to show this is a cited work. When we cite works written by famous marxists, we put their short name and title of work, i.e.,

Engels: Ludwig Feuerbach and the end of classical German philosophy

Fanon: The wretched of the Earth

Marx: Critique of the Gotha program

To avoid

  • References should not have a space before them:

Jeff Bezos is a parasite.[1] (do)
Jeff Bezos is a parasite. [1] (don't)

  • References should not go before punctuations

Without revolutionary theory,[1] there can be no revolutionary movement.[2] (do)
Without revolutionary theory[1], there can be no revolutionary movement[2]. (don't)

External sources

Avoid using external sources in the article body! To refer to external sources, link it in a header or as a reference at the bottom of the article, as seen in the Lemmygrad article, for instance.


Links made to other articles should be made only when they are introduced in the article. There is no need to put the same links in the whole body of the article.


please help

Library works


The references inside a chapter in the book are put in a "Notes" section before the end of the chapter. See The state and revolution for reference.

Each chapter will have the reference group according to the chapter number. I.e.,

  • For the first chapter of a book you would put "1" as reference group in visual editor or in source editor:
<ref group="1">etc., etc.</ref>
  • For the third chapter of a book you would put "3" as reference group in visual editor or in source editor:
<ref group="3">etc., etc.</ref>

If the work is short or if it contains fewer than 1 reference per chapter, then you should put references at the bottom.