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I recommend we don't upload essays too quickly one after the other

Summary by CriticalResist


CriticalResist (talkcontribs)

First, welcome to the new essays space. If you don't know how to use it as an editor, check the ProleWiki:User guide, it's all explained in there.

You need to add a template to your essay to make it appear on the feed and it will appear in order of newest to oldest created page. This means if you create your essay on the 12th and add the template on the 19th when your essay is finished, but someone else created an essay on the 15th, *your essay will appear below theirs because its page was created earlier*.

There is also no scheduling tool available (yet) for this page. As soon as you add the "infobox essay" template to your essay, it will appear in this feed in its proper slot.

We are going to name someone as an editor-in-chief (likely @420dengist who, for our editors not on the discord, has been really helpful with the essays space in general and some tech stuff) to take care of scheduling as well as proofreading and commenting essays. The position is still not entirely fleshed out.

Until then, I recommend everyone kind of pick their own publication time themselves on the main feed. I think we should avoid publishing too many essays at once because it will drown the page in content and make it difficult to get your essay seen. Something like one essay a day max seems good. E.g. if you see someone added an essay to the feed, then add yours tomorrow.

We'll also be posting essays to social media, if you don't want that to happen to your essay, notify us somewhere like on the essay talk page.

Hope everything makes sense, please bear in mind this essay page is brand new and will evolve as time goes on.