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Some Notes Before Reading

This is a collection of sources or observations I made during my interaction with Maoists. This will be split in two parts.

The first will be Observation, where I look at Maoists and see how they act. This may be the weakest one, as not all maoists do not represent the observations I made. It may also be biased considering most of my interactions are from twitter mostly. I will be considering the so-called 'internet maoists' or MLMpM maoists. I'm not considering the 'maoists' who support modern socialist nations (I don't think they are maoists anyways). The distinction between other maoists can be blurry, and that will be introduced in the future in my upcoming essay.

The second will be Sources, of which some sources may have a C in them. For the sources that do not contain an C, They are trustworthy sources, as in sources which are valid and can be used without backlash, typically socialist and marxist-leninist sources, or sources of indisputable fact. C means Caution, and that they are sources which will need more time of consideration, especially if it comes from a bourgeois or revisionist source. All bourgeois state media sources (regardless of origin) will have a C put next to the link. Rarely, if ever, will an X appear. An X means that this source has been analysed and has been discarded. The link next to it also will appear with a strikethrough line, and brackets stating it's reason.

All of this is in preparation of my second edition to the Problems with Maoism essay, which if you want to read, click the name of the essay.


Maoists appealing to the 'all or nothing' fallacy

Maoists typically despise electoralism, which is valid. However, the maoists also despise communists participating in elections despite it being reasonably valid and the bolsheviks did run an election in 1917. List of occurrences:

Apples to Oranges Comparison

Many maoists compare the atrocities of the Shining Path to either the Tombov rebellion or some atrocities by the North Vietnamese. List of occurrences:

Another example is attempting to compare socialist states to capitalist ones, just because both done similar actions do not mean they are the same. List of occurrences:

Misuse of the term Fascism

This is also noted in the CPI (Marxist) heading. List of occurrences:

Cultish behaviour of the Maoists

We can cite multiple examples for this, and the funniest one I found the first one because it screams 'graphic design is my passion'. List of occurrences:

Interestingly enough, a person on twitter compared the Maoist group to the Mormons, since the person in question was a Mormon. This should be taken with a critical viewpoint for now: C

As a slight tangent, revisionist parties such as the Socialist Party of Great Britain also utter the same argument as the Maoists, claiming that because China has billionaires, it is clearly state capitalist:

There can be parallels drawn between Anarchists, Trotskyists and Maoists, however that deserves a whole another chapter on its own.

Maoists uphold exporting revolution

Maoists typically uphold the export of revolution as a means to enhance 'proletarian internationalism', even though Stalin despises this calling the export of revolution 'nonsense'.

Maoists upholding Pol Pot

Maoists typically uphold Pol Pot, because Mao supported it against the Sino-Soviet Split. Maoists can go so far as to suggest that the Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia, and the establishment of the People's Republic of Kampuchea, is social-imperialist, and that Vietnam was actively controlling the PRK.

Maoists typically use 'one-off' lines as legitimate basis for theory

This is easily seen by looking at social-imperialism. I won't delve into it deeply, so look at the social-imperialism article. There's also this one, which is basically the 1849 equivalent of the guillotine meme. List of occurrences:

Notes on Theory Written by Maoist Writers

Collected Works of the Shining Path, Volume 1

Page 13: Mariategui characterises Peru as 'Semi-Feudal'. While at the time this may be correct, and Gonzalo views this as correct (note that the time period can be before 1930, at the time of Mariategui's death), the document about Mariategui was written in 1968, over 3 decades since Mariategui probably made the distinction (the date of statement is not included). The material conditions may not have the same in comparison to back then.

Page 24: 'Data is a bourgeois concept' -Abimael Guzman, 1968

Stopped at Page 24


Sources on the Shining Path

Sources on China

Maoist China

Modern China

Gang of Four and Origins of Maoism

CPI (Marxist) Sources

Sources regarding the CPP


Ties with Senator Ninoy