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Hello! I primarily focus on the Russian ProleWiki. You can also check out my website. I might update this page in the future, for now, I'll just leave the answers to the registration questionnaire here.

  1. I learned about ProleWiki when a Reddit user sent me a link
  2. I agree with Marxism-Leninism, anything else seems too idealistic, but don't know enough theory yet to learn towards particular sub-currents.
  3. Yes, I have some objections to the principles, I listed them on Matrix already
  4. I don't know about China's internal structure, but from what I've read it is a dictatorship of the proletariat, so it is socialist. That said, it often doesn't act in the best interests of the workers, for example, worker rights there aren't that good; I think it has potential for both advancing to a higher stage of socialism or regressing to a dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. The Western antagonism fuels Chinese nationalism, which ironically should help anti-capitalist sentiment.
  5. Stalin's role in history was getting the USSR through an incredibly hostile period by rapidly industrializing it and repressing people when necessary. Of course there were innocent people killed - it's pretty much unavoidable in such conditions, and since he was a leader, not a dictator, it isn't his personal responsibility but a collective responsibility. He also helped formulating Marxism-Leninism.
  6. Yes, communists should support LGBT movements, I'm non-binary as well. In some countries, LGBT support might alienate the masses - in that case, LGBT shouldn't be publicly condemned nor supported. At the same time, the bourgeois LGBT movement is a culture war that many put at the forefront instead of the class war. Since fascism will exist for as long as capitalism exists, LGBT liberation can only be achieved through communism - and reactionary views among Marxists must be fought. As for gender - personally, I think gender should be abolished and people should do whatever they wanna do, but I recognize that labels like that help people in self-discovery. I dislike the fact Russian is heavily gendered (conjugation/declension can change based on gender), personally I don't even understand how I'm supposed to refer to myself if I don't like both gendered options (and there isn't a neutral version, except archaic royal plural first person one).