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1: I am not entirely sure, I believe I saw it linked to on an imageboard like leftypol. 2: I would describe myself as an orthodox Marxist, with (large) sympathies for Marxism-Leninism. My political journey starts with the ideology of the Socialist Party in the country where I live (this being the Netherlands) Though I originally agreed with their ideology, I later found it to be too moderate and social-democratic. I later joined a large group of other members of the party in splitting away from it and forming a new, communist organization. It is in my education on Marxism in this organisation that I arrived at my current ideological position.

3: I have read the principles. I agree with almost all of them, though I cannot say I support the Russian Federation, the DPRK, the Syrian Arab Republic or Iran. I do hold cautious support for the PRC, though I doubt the effectiveness of their strategy for achieving socialism.

4: As stated in my answer to question 3, I only cautiously support the PRC. I fail to see how the CPC's current (hyper-)capitalist model for the Chinese economy can lead to the establishment of socialism, but then again I only learned about Marxism about 3 years ago.

5: I approve of most of his policies. I feel he has been unfairly maligned in western media. In the Netherlands, the media often sings its praises for the United States and its military, failing to realise that the Red Army did the vast majority of the work in defeating fascist Germany, and that the US Army only waltzed into western Europe in 1944, when the Wehrmacht was all but completely defeated. Furthermore, I believe Stalin's policies actually saved the USSR (and, one can argue, the world as a whole) from destruction by enabling it to build up an effective defense against the fascist German invasion.

6: My understanding of gender is that it is a patriarchical social construct that serves to defend capitalism, and should thus be eliminated in socialist societies. As for support for the "LGBT community", it depends on what is meant by this. If the mostly liberal and "pink capitalist" movements on the internet are meant, then we should not support them, but if leftist queer liberation movements are meant, I do find it a good idea to support them and incorporate them in the wider struggle against capitalism.