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1. I found Prolewiki on Twitter through their twitter handle.

2. My current thoughts adhere closely to Marxism-Leninism with Mao Zedong Thought. My path began with the pandemic back in 2020 when we were completely locked down in my country. Though my material conditions allowed me to be comfortable with being locked in (No need to worry about food, money or comfort), I have seen online the reality of class differences where the bourgeois and petit-bourgeois were thoroughly enjoying their lives at home, far from needing to work and the lower class peoples that depended on work to survive. The behaviors of the upper class disgusted me to no end but from there it led me to begin reading on communist works and unlearning all the bias that I was fed growing up. I am still learning and I think by helping to work on sites like this, it would help me better understand the works.

3. I support the principles of the site, specifically on supporting states that combat NATO Imperialism and also against the oppression of not only the working class but the oppressed and marginalised people like the LGBT community.

4. Genders in itself are social constructs that emanate in social roles assigned to them. Men and women are expected to behave and conform to the roles given to them, this would restrict their ability to live the life as they naturally feel within themselves, be it that of a woman born in the body of a man or the other way around. Marxists ought and must support the LGBT movement as they are under the oppressed rules that deny them their rights to live.

5. I would like to contribute to pages that touch more on the theories written by Marxists. The site does have a library to the full content of works but I think it needs pages that summarises the salient points of the works as new Marxists or those who are curious to learn may find it too daunting to have to read through. It would also benefit me as I would have to read the works more precisely and summarising them as an exercise to both understand and explain the concepts.

6. China, though it has reverted from a revolutionary government to a governing party, has understood the material conditions of their time and acted accordingly. The party is still the vanguard party that guards socialism and the working class, though capitalism does exist, the party reigns over it and doesn’t allow it to control the state. So yes, China is socialist.

7. Dialectical Materialism is the way to describe reality without conforming to metaphysics or idealisms. It describes the process of which events in history have led up to. Matter is the object that exists outside of our mind, independent of our assumptions and ideals. It teaches that history is quantitative in nature, that all events occur over a period of time through quantitative motions that eventually lead to qualitative change.

8. Communism and socialism are still widely misunderstood and demonised here with the common policy of associating genocide and repression with the two so the most pressing matter for both communists and socialists is to correct the misconception the public has about them.

9. Between Marxism and other anti-capitalist movements, I would see that Marxism provides a concrete way to analyse the shortcomings of capitalism whereas other non-capitalist movements are spurs of the moment inflated by slow events leading to a protest, riot etc.

10. Joseph Stalin was a great Marxist-Leninist who was demonised by decades of anti-communist writings. He had guided the USSR through the second world war and I think history may turn out very differently had he not been the leader.