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FIRST VERIFICATION QUESTIONS (please answer all 6 of them):

1. Where did you find ProleWiki?

A friend.

2. What current of Marxist thought do you uphold? Describe as thoroughly as needed your path towards your current political perspective.

M-L. Liberation of the proletariat, destruction of the superior classes, and the establishment of a tranquil, and progressive world, of equality, safety, and understanding. African Socialism

3. Have you read our principles? Comment your agreements or objections to our principles

Yes. I agree that there should be a democratic way of making decisions, and that the site, etc should be focused on M-L doctrine. Criticism, and Self-Criticism being one of my most strong agreements.

4. What is your understanding of gender? Should Marxists support the LGBT community?

Gender is a scientific distinction of two human bodies, in which chromosomes and other bodily functions and parts (fluids), help generate more which can and or not fall into these distinctions. Yes Marxists should support the LGBTQ+ Community.

5. What is your position on Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong? How would you describe their historical role? Share any comments or critiques you have regarding them.

My position on Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong are the same. Revolutionaries who did what they must to rebuild their country driven into chaos and almost overcame towards pure anilhation.

6. What are your thoughts on China, Vietnam, Cuba, DPRK and Laos? Do you believe any of these countries is socialist? Why or why not?

My thoughts on PRC, Vietnam, Cuba, the DPRK, and Laos are very high, and valued. I believe they are socialist. I believe so because they each were founded by socialist doctrine, and have learned to instill capitalist motives to survive, with intentions to progress with a socialist manner.


1. In your own words, how would you describe dialectical materialism?

Dialectical Materialism, is the driven theory of a world outlook, an application towards the caution of nature*, and its style of learning, and percieving them, is in itself dialectical, when its evalutation of said caution of nature*, and its conception of such cautions, and its theory, is materialistic.

2. What subjects or topics you would like to contribute to ProleWiki?

Topics of Africa, Oceania, Africans living in America, and Parts of Asia, and Latin America.

3. What feature do you think ProleWiki is currently missing?

I think a feature that I think is currently missing in Prolewiki, are features of more videos and literature of non-marxists, as well as deeper historical context of society in its whole history until now.

4. What is a page that you would like to change, and what would you like to change on it?

Something like Madagascar, Aboriginals, Māori, Papua New Guinea, and Equatorial Guinea, I would like to change its emptiness, and obscurity, as well as ignorance.

9. What do you believe is the main difference between Marxism and other anti-capitalist movements?

What I believe is the main difference between Marxism and other anti-capitalist movements is their goal to gain rights but to not subdue the ones who in the first place removed them, as well as to maintain those rights.

10. What is your stance on Israel and Palestine?

My stance on Israel and Palestine is straight forward. I support Palestine 100%, and Israel should not and is not a sovereign nation, which is a nation of genocide, islamophobia, capitalism, war criminals, and right-winged un-democratic autocratic dictatorship state. Israel is not a real country, nor will it survive.