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Verification answers

FIRST VERIFICATION QUESTIONS: 1. Where did you find ProleWiki? From

2. What current of Marxist thought do you uphold? Describe as thoroughly as needed your path towards your current political perspective. I uphold the guiding thoughts mentioned in the CPC's Constitution, mainly Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, but also Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, the Theory of Three Represents, the Scientific Outlook on Development. As a China-born Chinese who mainly grew up overseas, I did not have the chance to be exposed to socialism during my childhood years. But at the same time I am fortunate enough to not have fallen prey to western propaganda, as I liked to ask questions about the world. After returning to China, I was very receptive to Marxism due to its scientific approach of dialectical materialism (as a student I preferred argumentative essays).

3. Have you read our principles? Comment your agreements or objections to their points. Yes I've read the principles and agree with them in general. I can't comment much on countries listed other than China, not having read much about their histories.

4. What is your understanding of gender? Should Marxists support the LGBT community? I think gender is psychological state of one's sexual preferences, that is based upon the biological binary classification of sexes according to the combination of X/Y sex chromosomes. Marxists should support the LGBT community with regards to issues like legal partnership and societal acceptance, but societal acceptance should not be forced upon the general population. Bigotry around gender topics exist but it should not lead to a division within the proletariat.

5. What is your position on Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong? How would you describe their historical role? Share any comments or critiques you have regarding them. Both Stalin and Mao are demonized by western (liberal) media with decades of misinformation. Both leaders led their respective countries through the war against fascism and imperialism during World War Two, and the important period of constructing a socialist society. As a Chinese and supporter of Marxism I have great respect for Mao Zedong, but I also understand that he is human and should not be deified or treated like the head of a cult like some ultra-lefts have done.

6. What are your thoughts on China, Vietnam, Cuba, DPRK and Laos? Do you believe any of these countries is socialist? Why or why not? All five countries are socialist. I hope that in future we can call the DPRK by the name Korea instead of North Korea, when they reclaim their lost territory of South Korea from imperialists. Admiration for Cuba managing to survive at the doors of the imperialist USA. As for my motherland China, full support for the CPC!

SECONDARY VERIFICATION QUESTIONS: 2. What subjects or topics you would like to contribute to ProleWiki? Topics related to China both in Chinese and English as I am bilingual. I will be providing content primarily from official Chinese state or party sources.

3. What are your thoughts on national liberation or the concept of land back (either one)? National liberation is the first step in any revolution (be it bourgeoisie or proletariat) against imperialism/colonialism, and requires a combination of military, political and economic strategies to ensure its success and consolidation.

5. Do you think abolishing the family should be a goal of the communist movement? If so, how would it be abolished? I think communism will abolish the inheritance of means of production through family relations, but not the societal function of a family unit. Maybe in future the importance of blood relations will not be as significant as it is currently, leading to more diverse combinations of family units. The role of family units would then be to promote a stronger link of human connections, much like current social groups based on personal interests. Raising children will still be an important topic as reproduction is still necessary for the continuation of the human race. If anything, I think the family unit will still survive after abolishment of the state.

6. What in your opinion is the most pressing matter for communists in your country? I'm in China but I'm not CPC member, so I can't speak for communists in my country as they do have a voice unlike the situation in other countries. But as a supporter of the CPC I think the most pressing matter is the reunification of China within this decade, to solidify national liberation once and for all.

7. What do you believe is the main difference between Marxism and other anti-capitalist movements? I think Marxism is more scientific that other anti-capitalist movements like anarchism, this is due to its approach of dialectical materialism and usage of materialist dialectics to study the world and history of human society.

Follow-up response

The editors would like to know what you meant by “societal acceptance should not be forced upon the general population”, as well as if you could expand on what you meant by “Bigotry around gender topics exist but it should not lead to a division within the proletariat.”

The two phrases go hand in hand together, but I'd like to first clarify that this answer is not limited to issues regarding gender, but also on race, religion, animal rights and anything that can create serious divide among the people.

"societal acceptance should not be forced upon the general population": For example in the case of religion, most people in China are atheist, only ~200 million or 14% of the population are religious (according to a 2018 Chinese gov. whitepaper), but this may not be the case in countries like the US. It's one thing to implement laws and policies around normalizing certain views, but getting the majority of people to agree or at least be indifferent is another undertaking, that is mainly done through education.

"Bigotry around gender topics exist but it should not lead to a division within the proletariat": The most pressing issue for the proletariat is liberation from the capitalist societies, so there should be a united front between people of different views regarding topics like gender/race/religion/animal rights/etc. That is not to say that we can't tackle these issues at the same time, but settling our differences should not hinder the progress of revolution by diverting attention away and possibly leading to internal conflicts.