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1. Through lemmygrad

2. Marxist-Leninist

3. Full agreement

4. Absolutely critical support for China. Their opening up since the 70s has become even more clear in the past decade that it wasn't, as Marxist critics had stated, a reversion towards capitalism, but a strategic step-back given their material conditions in order to preserve the socialist revolution.

5. Stalin was a great leader of the world's first socialist revolution and did phenomenally in upholding the gains of the revolution given the material conditions the USSR had to be face being alone and surrounded by hostile imperialist countries. A correct materialist perspective on history shows that there could have been more done and Stalin was not infallible (i.e. no great man theory), but Khrushchev onward was the beginning of the slow decay of the USSR; Stalin should be rightfully seen alongside Lenin.

6. Historical accounts of humanity show that strict binding gender norms are not "innate" to us as a species; it is a social construct that has its roots in the misogyny attributed to the rise of private property and the state (see Engels). As such, the LGBT community should absolutely be supported.