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Hello, I am SeventyTwoTrillion, often shortened to "72T" on Hexbear. I prefer to describe myself as a communist in most situations for the sake of left unity and non-sectarianism, but I am ideologically a Marxist-Leninist.

On Hexbear, I run the news megathreads, which are weekly posts dedicated to the discussion and analysis of events - whether in the near-past, present, or predictions and speculation of the future. On top of merely moderating them, I also create daily and weekly posts that attempt to describe and summarize the general state of the world, important events happening in it, and bring the takes of various thinkers and scholars on the left.

I am mostly focused on the economic side of things - infrastructure, resource extraction, trade flows, imperialism and exploitation, and so on. I also cover military matters, but do not pretend to be any kind of expert in them, thus mostly relying on other people and experts in that regard. I am also very interested in history, especially those in understudied periods and countries that are governed more by gradual, large forces than Great Men or big wars - if for no other reason than that they explain how the current world was formed, and can have valuable insights for current struggles.

I contribute to this Wiki with contemporary updates when I can in my free time. My ideal goal is to have a consistent, neat workflow, adding relevant information from the news updates/megathreads to ProleWiki approximately as they come.