Core Socialist Values

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A banner displaying the 12 values

The Core Socialist Values are a set of 12 values created during the 18th National Congress of the CPC in late 2012. Together they make up 24 characters in Chinese. Since the creation of these values, they have become part of a national campaign to rebuild China's socialist culture amid concerns that China has lost its moral compass during its economic development.[1]

English Chinese English Chinese English Chinese
Prosperity 富强 Freedom 自由 Patriotism 爱国
Democracy 民主 Equality 平等 Dedication 敬业
Civility 文明 Justice 公正 Integrity 诚信
Harmony 和谐 The rule of law 法治 Friendliness 友善

To promote these values, the Chinese Government has enlisted news and publishing institutions, public museums, memorial halls, libraries and science and technology museums. Radio and television stations have been encouraged to run more public service broadcasts spreading mainstream socialist values at prime time, and newspapers to give more prominence to such issues.[1] The Government has called for artists to incorporate these values into their art.[2] CPC members and government employees have been required to engage in self-discipline with regard to these values, and various volunteer activities have been organized to promote the spirit of Lei Feng, a young Chinese soldier, known in the 1960s for devoting almost all of his spare time and money to selflessly helping the needy.[1]

This project has been connected to the Red Tourism project where locations from revolutionary history have been made into tourist destinations. One example is the Long March National Cultural Park which is a tourist project in Guizhou centered around the areas of the Long March. This park was built with the intentions of strengthening core socialist values.[3]

A park sculpture featuring the values