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In this essay, I will explain why I believe the US was somewhat linked to the spread of coronavirus in China in 2020.


In 2008, in the US, there was a great economic crisis generated by growing social inequality, and in September 2011, across the country there is a feeling of revolt, as many workers lost their jobs, their livelihood and, some, even their homes. This sense of revolt is the spark of a series of protests with a class perspective, something that had never been seen before in the US in a long time. The protests are called "Occupy Wall Street" with the slogan "We are the 99%" in reference to the grotesque accumulation of capital in the hands of the few.[1]

After 5 years without economic recovery, which includes the increase in the number of homeless people, poverty and social inequality (capitalism, for a change), Donald Trump is suspiciously elected, through aggressive campaigns, right-wing populism on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, 4chan,[2] etc. The methods of the campaign include the use of reactionary, xenophobic and racist speeches, such as the use of Mexican immigrants as a scapegoat to justify the decadence of the country (but the capitalist mode of production, guilty? never!).

Trump's election campaign coordinator and strategist Steve Bannon used software that collected data from people on Facebook through interactive games and questionnaires (like OMG and Buzzfeed) to create a psychological profile of voters in order to manipulate with propaganda specifically targeted at some of these profiles.[3] In 4chan, the techniques for propaganda was constant repetition. Racist, white supremacist propaganda were constantly bombarded on the site.[2] The bourgeois American media claims that "Russian hackers" were involved in Trump's election. This will be further investigated in later paragraphs.

Steve Bannon, before heading the company Cambridge Analytica, responsible for collecting data from millions of American users, was a Navy officer in the United States for 7 years, having reached the post of Chief of Naval Operations at the Pentagon.[4] Cambridge Analytica, for its purposes, used "bribery, schemes, sexual traps and espionage with the help of former spies from Britain and Israel".[5] What kind of company would have access to international spies for their goals?

We see from 2016 on a world political reorganization of the international bourgeoisie to maintain the over-exploitation of workers, withdrawal of their rights and maintenance of the system through abuses of authority. The reactionary bourgeois movement gains strength worldwide with Kurz in Austria, Orbán in Hungary, Boris Johnson in the UK, Erdoğan in Turkey, Bolsonaro in Brazil, Modi in India, each using propaganda and campaign techniques similar to that of reactionary strategist Bannon. To the point that, in 2018, in Bolsonaro's election, Bannon was also directly involved in their campaign strategy.[6] Instead of using 4chan for its more reactionary propaganda, Bolsonaro's campaign, financed by businessmen, used Facebook's WhatsApp, the most used means of communication in Brazil at the time.[7]

In March 2017, WikiLeaks begins publishing a series of leaks of official CIA documents titled "Vault 7" that reveal, among other things, the ability of this reactionary organization to compromise cars, smart TVs (with and without cameras),[8] Internet browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge,...),[9] operating systems of both computers (Windows, macOS, Linux) and smartphones (Google Android, iOS),[10] as well as having virtually unrestricted access to your data on the internet through social networks (YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, ...), as it was revealed already in 2013.[11] From the Vault7 leak, one interesting thing: the CIA'S "UMBRAGE" program, which stored an arsenal of viruses and malware produced by other countries with the aim of copying the digital identity of these malicious programs.[12]

In this way, the CIA could quietly carry out operations that "independent" audits would inevitably hold groups from other countries accountable, because of the similarity of their digital identities. And here comes that question of the "Russian hackers" who were involved in the election of Trump that was talked about earlier. Does it make sense that the U.S. imperialist bourgeoisie, along with CIA organizations, would allow their control of the democratic system to be compromised? Another thing worth remembering, this espionage apparatus had been used to monitor Brazilian president Dilma, her top aides, and the Petrobrás company,[13] which would later be sabotaged with the help of the NSA, FBI and the imperialist-aligned Brazilian bourgeoisie[14] to promote privatization that would offer profits to the international bourgeoisie.

Advances against China

From January to August 2019, U.S. departments, including health, economy, commerce, and the State Department, conduct an exercise to learn how the state would handle a possible pandemic. The details are staggering: the test carried out was based on a scenario of a pandemic of a virus originating in China that compromises the respiratory system.[15] This simulation was called "Crimson Contagion", Crimson being a shade of bright red. A red virus during a red scare.

In November 2019, U.S. counterintelligence agencies warned NATO and Israel of an "epidemic in China", that is, a month before the discovery of the coronavirus by China itself and the WHO.[16] It is noteworthy that the US has used biological weapons earlier in its history, having researched for 27 years biological agents for use in wars,[17] and carried out in the case of the imperialist invasion in the Korean War,[18] and in Cuba.[19] For instance, in 1956 and 1958, the US Army launched Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes into the air in the states of Georgia and Florida to test whether mosquitoes could be used as biological weapons in war. In 1967, it was published in the journal Science that dengue was "one of the diseases considered for Biological Weapons Research". And in 1981, an outbreak of dengue sickens more than 300,000 Cuban citizens. The Cuban government claims US interference, which has denied any involvement.[20]

In March 2020, Donald Trump starts to use the expression "Chinese virus" to refer to the coronavirus.[21] From this period, the US intensified its aggression against China. China-US international relations have deteriorated since 2017, with the arrival of Trump to power. The US banned Huawei under the pretext of "national security risk" (funny how those who promote market competition aren't at all competitive), in addition to hampering any investment of Chinese 5G technology in the US and Europe.

Founder of global propaganda and surveillance company Google, Eric Schmidt, claims that Huawei is a risk to users' privacy[22] (sounds like the punchline of a joke). China, which borders Afghanistan, has suffered from attacks by extremist Muslims in Xinjiang from 2009 to 2016.[23] The government of China treated this issue not as a result of individual actions, but as a widespread social problem. In the regions of greatest conflict, the government of China built several facilities for education and reintegration of extremists into society.[24]

The US, which since the 90s has used media propaganda to associate Muslims with terrorists to justify imperialist intervention in the Middle East, suddenly becomes "concerned" about "alleged human rights abuses against Muslims in Xinjiang". Quickly, using this pretext, the US passes a legislative act approving the use of sanctions against China.[25] Sanctions against China now have the support of Germany, Belgium, Canada, France, Norway and the United Kingdom, among a few others,[26] with the majority of nations who voted in favor of U.S. aggression coincidentally coming from NATO member countries.[27] Nations that are traditionally Islamic have been notoriously in favor of China's program of re-education of extremist Muslims, such as Egypt, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Nigeria, and Sudan.[26] U.S. aggression escalates to the biggest diplomatic scandal in China-U.S. relations, when the U.S. ordered the closure of the Chinese consulate on U.S. soil in July 2020.[28]

It is very easy to think that this is all US paranoia, but in fact we are seeing a new reorganization of the bourgeoisie. Cold War neo-McCarthyism is once again directed at aggressions against the proletarian science of Marxism-Leninism, with the old accusations of outdated categories of "totalitarianism"[29] and the like, typical of the backward thinking of the anti-communist bourgeois ideology of the 20th century. Spaces on the internet began suffering even greater attack and censorship against Marxist-Leninists over time.

On June 26, 2020, the White House publishes a speech reaffirming that China is a Marxist-Leninist organization, and structures its entire discourse into lies and propaganda against the proletarian science, reaffirming old lies invented by the US Cold War bourgeois ideology.[30] Social networks have notoriously attacked Marxist-Leninists since then, closing accounts and communities without notice, as was the case with various communities of Marxist-Leninists on the site Reddit, which is one of the most accessed sites on the internet in the US.[31][32]

I believe that many of the facts here speak for themselves. The bourgeoisie, which watches over us at all costs, every day trembles with fear at the possibility of our national and international organization. Let us live up to their fear, therefore. 😉


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