Grand Duchy of Finland (1809–1917)

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Grand Duchy of Finland
Suomen suuriruhtinaskunta
Storfurstendömet Finland
Великое княжество Финляндское
Flag of Grand Duchy of Finland
Flag of the Russian Empire
Location of Grand Duchy of Finland
• 1910 estimate

The Grand Duchy of Finland was an autonomous part of the Russian Empire.

History[edit | edit source]

Finland began to industrialize in the 1860s but major strikes did not begin until the 1890s.[1] In 1905 and 1906, 3,000 metal workers went on strike for 19 weeks to shorten the work day to nine hours.[2]

Economy[edit | edit source]

Until 1868, workers were under legal guardianship of their employer and capitalists could heavily fine or blackmail workers.[1]

Peasant farmers made up a large portion of society and rented land from nobles, landlords, and capitalist corporations. Because most peasants were illiterate, landlords made verbal agreements with them on rent, which the landlords often broke.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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