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Geopolitical Economy Report
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Grayzone (split from)
Moderate Rebels (replaced)

25 January 2022
FounderBen Norton
Key peopleBen Norton

Geopolitical Economy Report, formerly known as Multipolarista until January 2023, is an anti-imperialist "independent media outlet"[1] founded by Ben Norton.[2] Splitting from The Grayzone, the media outlet endorses AES, including the People's Republic of China.[3] the Geopolitical Economy Report has called out imperialist nations such as the United States of America (USA) and the State of Israel for their actions and conspiracies,[4][5] including their arming of neo-Nazis.[6] It has also criticized the USA for violating free speech by censoring left-wing movements.[7]


The name "Multipolarista" comes from the Spanish word for multipolarity.[1]

In January 2023, the outlet adopted the more general name of the Geopolitical Economy Report as it was not solely focusing on Latin America any more.


In February 2022, Ben Norton split from the Grayzone[1][3] and formed Multipolarista as an "independent news outlet".[8] While initially replacing Moderate Rebels, Ben Norton later made it clear that Multipolarista was to become fully separate from his now inactive podcast, stating that it ended in January of 2022.[9] Multipolarista published its first article on 26 January 2022, writing about the crisis between Ukraine and the Russian Federation.[10] In January 2023, Multipolarista expanded into the Geopolitical Economy Report and began a regular show with economists Radhika Desai and Michael Hudson.[11]


In addition to Ben Norton's general reporting on various current events and geopolitical affairs, some episodes on Geopolitical Economy Report are released as part of various series and collaborations, including the "Geopolitical Economy Hour" hosted by Radhika Desai and Michael Hudson,[12] and the "US Empire & the Deep State" series with historian Aaron Good.[13]

US Empire & the Deep State

This series which started in June 2022 details the history of US imperialism by exploring the book American Exception: Empire and the Deep State by historian and political scientist Aaron Good. It is co-hosted by Seamus McGuinness and Ben Norton.[13]

Geopolitical Economy Hour

In this series which began in January 2023, economists Radhika Desai and Michael Hudson host Geopolitical Economy Hour every two weeks to analyze the present-day political and economic issues.[12]

Capitalism, Coronavirus and War

In this series from February 2023, Radhika Desai discusses her book Capitalism, Coronavirus and War: A Geopolitical Economy with Ben Norton.[14]

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