Revolutionary Blackout

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Revolutionary Blackout (sometimes shortened to RevBlackout) is a US-based cooperative media outlet founded by Nick Cruse. It promotes socialist political education with a particular emphasis on issues faced by Black Americans.

Its reporting has criticized the Democratic Party for opposing efforts to bring about universal healthcare in the state of California.[1] Revolutionary Blackout has also criticized Bernie Sanders and The Squad for supporting US imperialism.[2]

Contributors[edit | edit source]

As of Feb 2022, Revolutionary Blackout's Twitter bio lists the following accounts as contributors:

  • @SocialistMMA
  • @Jaybefaunt
  • @SabbySabs2
  • @Josanna16
  • @ComptonMadeMe
  • @UnholyRom3

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History[edit | edit source]

Third Party Summit[edit | edit source]

Main article: Third Party Summit

In March 2022, RevBlackout is will be hosting the Third Party Summit where they'll be promoting candidates who are opposing the ruling corporate duopoly in the United States.[3]

Anti Imperialist Summit[edit | edit source]

On Apr 29, RevBlackout began hosting a multi-day anti-imperialist summit with journalists and activists such as Aaron Mate, Jill Stein, Ben Norton, and Danny Haiphong.[4][5]

References[edit | edit source]

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