Tigray War

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The Tigray War is an war in the Tigray National Regional State and neighboring regions that lasted from the 3rd November 2020 to the 3rd November 2022. The war was primarily fought in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia between the Ethiopian federal government and Eritrea on one side, and the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) on the other.

Historical background and prelude to the war

Flag of the TPLF

Tigray People's Liberation Front

Foundation and Civil War

The TPLF was founded in May of 1983 in northern Ethiopia in response to the oppression of ethnic Tigrayans by the various governments of Ethiopia throughout history. The TPLF was founded with aim of the "elimination of national oppression". It also sought the establishment of a "people's democratic state".[1]

EPRDF-rule in Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

Following the Autumn of Nations, the TPLF took control of Ethiopia and became the ruling party of the country for around thirty years. However, the TPLF's government was brought down in 2018.[2]

2018-2020 political crisis

After the TPLF's deposition in 2018, a power struggle began between the TPLF's former government and Abiy Ahmed's new government.[2]

The course of the War

Foreign involvement

State of Eritrea

The State of Eritrea has deployed troops into the Tigray National Regional State, using their military to fight in active combat against the TPLF.[3]

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates has provided military support to the Ethiopian government.[4][5] This has come largely in the form of air support as the Emirates have deployed military planes into the Tigray National Regional State to support the Ethiopian war effort against Tigray.[6]

United States of America

Conflicting Interpretations of the War

War crimes and effects on civillian population

Aftermath of an Ethiopian airstrike in Mekelle, the capital of the Tigray National Region State.

Airstrikes on civilians

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Both Ethiopian and Eritriean forces have engaged in air strikes against civilians in the Tigray National Regional State.[7]


Sexual violence

Ethnic profiling

There have been report of ethnic Tigrayans being forced out of the military regardless of loyalty[4], and purges of ethnic Tigrayans from the government.[8]

Aftermath of the War