Doi Moi reforms

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The Doi Moi Reforms were a set of reforms which transformed Vietnam from a Soviet-Style central planned socialist economy to a socialist market economy, it was launched in December 1986 by the Vietnamese Communist Party’s 6th National Congress, the word “Doi Moi” is a Vietnamese word meaning “restoration”. The Soviet Style Planned Economy became clearly ineffective and flawed in Vietnam,[citation needed] when not too long ago they were at war with the U.S. and had strict sanctions put onto them by the U.S. and was isolated as other socialist countries at the time were (except China),so they decided to open up to the outside world and replace the planned economy with a market one, this came with a drastic reduction in Soviet economic and military assistance after the mid 1980s and opening up to the rest of the world by allowing Foreign Direct Investment and More Exportation of Rice.[1][2]

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