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Hello, comrades! This is a page reserved for updates on how you can contribute to the development of our encyclopedia. Readers are also encouraged to contribute in any way possible, as they'll be not only helping the project but also helping spread Marxism-Leninism and make our science more accessible to all.

Editing articles

Where to start?

Here are some pages that can help you get started with your first edits!

  • Recent changes - to see which things others are actively working on
  • Wanted pages - auto-generated list of pages with dead links pointed to them
  • Stub pages - pages that are short and need to be expanded

Over time, we might add more maintenance category pages to help contributors to tackle pending tasks.

Article contributions

There is currently no academic criteria for citation of sources.

Wanted pages can be created with a small stub articles. Articles that are already big enough should have their information corrected by references to Marxist literature.

For reference on how wiki articles are written, check this link from Wikimedia.

Take a look at our editorial conventions once in a while, too.


To have ProleWiki translated to your language, you should have 3 to 5 other comrades with you to do work translating interface. We will offer support when translating interface messages to your language. To help with that, we will use the Weblate tool:


See: ProleWiki:Development

We need comrades who are familiar with MediaWiki software and website administration. Any comrade who is able to fork Wikipedia's app to work with ProleWiki should let us know in our Telegram commune.

Financial contributions

See: ProleWiki:Donate

Not only we live in a class society and are part of the lower class, but we also live in a market economy. Hosting websites has its expenses, and to keep ProleWiki, we have to pay an yearly fee. Every donation (and expenses) are transparently shown here and if our project ends up with a surplus amount of money, we can discuss collectively how this money can be used to develop our work. Any donation is based on class solidarity, we reject any funding from enemies of our people.

Spread the word

ProleWiki's sole purpose of existence is to provide a resourceful tool to workers from all nations, so they can have the theoretical knowledge to understanding their own realities. We are Marxists-Leninists, however, which means we are not satisfied with understanding our reality, we also want to provide practical knowledge to assist in changing the current state of things.

For that, ProleWiki intends to be an international organization in the future, keeping the same purpose of assisting revolutionaries all over the world. Changing the world is no small task, and it won't be done by a sect or small conspiracy group, this will be done by the mass of people through revolution. This is the reason we should make our project as known as possible. Not only to have more contributors available to enhance the quality of our collective work, but to make the revolutionary ideas more known.

By sharing our work, you're helping revolutionary ideas spread.
By contributing, your effort becomes part of the collective effort.

Long live marxism-leninism!