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Thank you for your contributions, comrade.

If you use Telegram, feel free to contact me @felipeforte --FelipeForte (talk) 00:55, 2 November 2020 (-03)

Appreciate the kind words, FelipeForte! Happy to help this very important project. --Jucheguevara (talk) 03:13, 3 November 2020 (-03)

Consider inviting more comrades

Contributing to this encyclopedia has been a learning experience, especially in my theoretical education of political economy. We need to invite comrades to help build this project so this can become a great service to the working class of all nations, by helping us in the process of education.

We also need to develop our project's democratic system, to ensure the project has all the means to continue in case I go missing, or something. --FelipeForte (talk) 22:56, 4 November 2020 (-03)

I propose we create a "ProleWiki:Governance" page to discuss stuff like this, for now it would be a list of trusted admins, but eventually it can grow to encompass discussions about lines of succession and transition of power should any of us become inactive for any reason. --Jucheguevara (talk) 19:47, 8 November 2020 (-03)

Check this template out

You can use information from these resources below to improve this page

FelipeForte (talk) 03:20, 6 November 2020 (-03)

Green book primary source

Your work is very much appreciated, but books and primary sources should be marxist works only. I'm sorry, I was not careful in having a discussion about the scope and use of the library, but I updated this information in our library policy. --FelipeForte (talk) 00:05, 11 November 2020 (-03)

Does this mean we cannot add The Juche Idea by Kim Il-sung due to the fact that Juche is no longer considered by the Korean Worker's Party as a variant of Marxism-Leninism, but rather a distinctly Korean ideology? --Jucheguevara (talk) 13:53, 12 November 2020 (-03)
The Juche Idea is a marxist work, and Kim Il-sung was a marxist-leninist, so of course you can contribute that work to our library. --FelipeForte (talk) 02:39, 14 November 2020 (-03)

Questions about Templates

Thank you for your message, comrade! Actually, I have some familiarity with MediaWiki and how to use it, my problem is that I'm awful at writing and just can't find a way to phrase it in a way that isn't confusing.

By the way, I see the ProleWiki:How_to_contribute/en mentions making the templates that are needed. I've been wondering — do we need infobox-style templates? Wikipedia uses a lot of them (see a list here), and in my opinion, they're useful for displaying some basic data about something or someone. Taking some of these from Wikipedia won't be too hard probably.

P. S. I like your username. :) I luv pingu (talk)--

I'm glad to hear you're familiar with MediaWiki, and I'm happy to follow up on the pages you create and help with the writing! I generally keep an eye on the "Recent changes" page so I can help improve any active pages.
I very much like the idea of creating an infobox template! definitely feel free to do so and promote its usage throughout, and I'll try to join in your efforts to add them!
and I'm glad you like the username! :) --Jucheguevara (talk)
I was able to finally import some Infobox templates yesterday, take a look:
The template Template:Infobox political party, used here as an example, uses another template at its core, Template:Infobox. To create more infoboxes, you need to use the Infobox template just like the political party example, and adapt the headers to the new infobox you're creating. Also importing from Wikipedia sometimes doesn't work and requires tweaking because Wikipedia is a mess. --FelipeForte (talk) 15:41, 20 November 2020 (-03)