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UTC-6 timezone map
I'm a resident of UTC-6, to give you an idea of when I might be online and contributing

Hello comrades!

I believe that scientific socialism can advance humanity to higher stages of prosperity, end the economic crises, and solve the looming environmental catastrophes we face.

I hope my contributions are able to help us get to this better future, since we cannot change that which we do not sufficiently understand.

What does the username mean? well ... Juche ... Guevara

My Personal Tasks


  • Incorporate this somewhere (thanks to Spillgear on Discord for suggesting this)
  • Create pages for the GFC and discuss how China's system emerged ahead of the rest of the world
  • import relevant information from here
  • Copy source documents from or Wikisource
  • Add the External links template to each page
  • Research MediaWiki tools for connecting objects across wikis to automatically populate external links & promote information inflows into this wiki
  • Try to transcribe YouTube videos using Descript or something similar
  • Explore using Transwiki to import from other wikis
  • Research ways to transparently accept Monero donations (reddit thread) since using Bitcoin could compromise the anonymity of our donors.
  • Complete transcribing The Governance of China
  • Keep an idea on the resolution of this bug I've been experiencing.
  • Add the VTE pattern to all templates, and add it to the template guidelines page
  • research task tracking software (kanban boards, etc.) for tracking wiki tasks across all contributors
  • Add info about Chinese poverty alleviation


External link template

@FelipeForte created the External links template based on some manual edits I was making. I'd like to continue to improve the utility and ease of use of that template.

Pages I want to create

things I'd like to add to this wiki

Not sure if the following meet our notability guidelines, most are anti-imperialist news sources, not necessarily communist or socialist

Some pages I've made

Here's the list of pages I've made


My personal tip jar

I'm happy to contribute for free because I think this is an important project for the international proletarian movement, but if you'd like to send some of your hard-earned labor-value as a show of support, I accept Monero donations, here's my wallet address:


Maybe we can find a way for people to contribute to the project and share between contributors? I have no idea how we would do this, though. --FelipeForte (talk) 09:15, 3 November 2020 (-03)

Yeah this would be cool. maybe we could create a table of top contributors with each of our links, and folks could send a few bucks to each account. Unless there's some kind of way we could set up a joint wallet where we divide stuff up to contributors. --Jucheguevara (talk)

We haven't yet figured out the best way for ProleWiki to accept donations, but here's where that information will live once we figure it out.