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Map of the Spanish-speaking population of the United States with the pre-invasion Mexican border in red

Aztlán, also known as the Chicano Nation or Occupied Mexico, is an alleged nation in North America. Historically a part of Mexico, it came under U.S. occupation in 1848 with the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo and developed into a distinct nation. The term 'Aztlán' is derived from the mythical homeland of the Aztecs.[1]


By the 1820s, white settlers took control large parts of Texas and established a slave economy. Mexico banned slavery in 1830, leading them to revolt and establish a separate state in 1836. The United States invaded and occupied northern Mexico in 1848 and enslaved the indigenous and Hispanic populations.

The National Chicano Youth Liberation Conference met in 1969 in Denver, Colorado and adopted the term Aztlán to refer to the Chicano Nation.[1]


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