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I am knowledgeable about and plan to contribute to articles about Irish Socialist History and the history surrounding Left Wing Militant groups of the 70s and 80s.

Answers to Account Request Questions

First Set 1: I have been aware of ProleWiki for a while, I believe I first heard about the project in passing on social media, and became more interested recently after seeing a few glaring issues in the ideological bias of Wikipedia, particularly in regard how it often portrays Palestine, Left Wing media sources(Mintpress News, Grayzone, etc.) and global liberation movements.

2:I uphold a vaguely Marxist-Leninist strand of Marxism with heavy influences from Mao, but not to the extent of being a Maoist. My political ideology is also influenced in particular by Frantz Fanon, Fidel Castro, Ulrike Meinhof, Huey Newton, and non-Marxist revolutionaries like Gaddafi.

3:I have read the principles and agree with the vast majority of the points of it. I would, while still recognizing the importance of any opposition to American Imperialism and the necessity of a multipolar world to the achievement of Communism, not consider the modern state of Russia to be worthy of the same level of critical support given to the other Bourgeoise Dictatorships listed. However, it is still necessary to recognize the role Russia plays in undermining American Imperialism. Other than this small difference(which is more a view to convoluted to be conveyed in a short list of principles than a disagreement), I agree with all the major points of the principles

4:I believe that gender in the binary form it exists in now in most of the West is an inherently oppressive social construct upheld, like all oppressive constructs, to uphold the Capitalist system. I believe that Marxists have an obligation to support the LGBT community, as Marxists are obligated to support all oppressed communities, because at its core Marxism is an ideology of liberation from ALL forms of oppression. Liberation of some but not others is not liberation at all, but rather is the reality of the false promises of Liberalism. The LGBT community in particular is among the most universally oppressed groups, and the issue of discrimination against them is one of the most pressing, especially in the West, that exist today.

5:I believe that, like all historical figures and all people, Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong are flawed and complex individuals, and that carries over into the ideologies and actions of the states they led, however, these flaws obviously are far from being unique to them, and, especially in the case of Mao, their achievements greatly overshadow their flaws. Mao's achievements are far too numerous to mention, and his mistakes are, for the most part, due to either subversive action by Western States or internal opposition; or are due to Mao's idealism and the idealism of his supporters leading to some things, such as the cultural revolution, having unintended and unforeseen effects. Stalin also has many achievements, particularly in his and his government's major role in the defeat of Nazi Germany, and in is propelling the Soviet Union into a global superpower. However, his Conservatism in comparison to many other revolutionaries should be noted and criticized. At the end of the day, revering or hating individuals is less productive and analyzing and learning from movements and projects as a whole.

6: I believe that the countries listed are all Socialist to varying degrees. I do not personally know very much about the organization of these current Socialist states, but the Cuban system in particular seems like a good model for socialist organization of government. I have disagreements with some actions of the government of China, but for the most part not in relation to whether it internally is Socialist or not; instead I disagree with putting aside fledgling revolutionary movements in the oppressed nations of world to further other goals. However, I recognize the need for China to prioritize its own survival as a Socialist state, even if that means not supporting other revolutionary movements as much as possible.

7: My understanding of settler-colonialism is that it is the colonization of a place by a foreign power by replacing the native population of that place with (usually)citizens of that colonial power. Countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, Israel, the British occupation of Northern Ireland, Boers in South Africa, "Rhodesians," and others are states that fit the definition. In the United States, my country, a lot of work must be done to liberate colonized peoples and other oppressed nations. I do not know enough about Land back to speak to specifics, but as the US is now that appears to be the best solution for the near future, as well as obviously ceasing the oppression of immigrants and the militarized policing of oppressed nations.

8:The situation in Palestine is that of a colonized nation facing oppression, Apartheid and genocide from an occupying force that is supported by the world's Capitalist states. It is impossible to separate the Palestinian struggle from the struggles for liberation in all of the world, and any attempts to separate them are reactionary by nature. October 7th was the latest and most major recent resistance action, and was unique due to it being organized and carried out almost exclusively by Palestinians fighting for their own freedom. Despite the fact that there are (heavily overblown in Western media) disagreeable elements with certain Palestinian groups, providing all possible support to the struggle of the Palestinian people against oppression is imperative to the global struggle for Socialism.

Second Set 2:I believe that national liberation movements are essential to and inseparable from Marxism and Anti-Capitalism generally. Imperialism and colonialism are both important features of modern capitalism, and resistance to those has always been based in Anti-Capitalism to some extent. I also believe that ending the capitalist hold over the world is crucial to progressing the fight for Socialism, and that this can only be done through support for national liberation movements.

3: I have read a little bit on Marxist Feminism. I believe that, due to liberation of all people being at the core of Marxism, Feminism should be a part of all Marxist political thought and organizing. I also believe that similarly Feminist political thought and action should examine the relationship between Capitalism and Patriarchy and draw from Marxism and anti-Capitalism in general in order to ensure the liberation of all women from all forms of oppression.

4:The nuclear family is the result patriarchy and individualism in Capitalist societies. I believe that the system perpetuates and reinforces those aspects of Capitalism. I believe that it should be "abolished" in the sense of "done away with," obviously not by banning it, which would be impossible and unproductive. But by encouraging, and educating people about other less oppressive organizations of family and by ensuring the viability of these, for instance by not having incentives for marriage as they exist in the status quo. Realistically, like the construct of gender, the nuclear family will slowly become less prevalent as time goes on.

5: In my country, the United States, the primary goal of Communist parties and organizing should be the support of global revolutionary movements. The United States will not be able to achieve a revolution from within without first destroying it's hold on the world. Communist and other Anti-Capitalist Left Wing parties in the United States are small and divided now, and because of that in my opinion they are not effective in achieving real change in the near future.

6:I believe that Marxism's primary difference with other Anti-Capitalist movements is that Marxism is scientific and universal. Because of this, Marxism is the most viable anti-Capitalist political ideology. Non-Marxist anti-capitalist ideologies still play a role and fundamentally have the same goal as Marxists, and these movements should be supported, especially if there is no Marxist alternative to them.