Counterrevolutions of 1989

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The Counterrevolutions of 1989, also known as the Fall of Nations or, incorrectly, the Fall of Communism and the Revolutions of 1989, were a series of bourgeois counterrevolutions against socialist countries. They resulted in the deaths at least 200,000 people in civil wars,[1] and poverty increased massively: 5% to 32% in the Balkans and Poland, 1% to 29% in the Baltics, 2% to 52% in the Slavic Soviet republics and Moldova, and 15% to 66% in Central Asia.[2]

List of counterrevolutions
Country Counterrevolution
DR Afghanistan Mujahideen takeover of Afghanistan
People's Republic of China 1989 Tian'anmen Square riots (attempted)
Czechoslovakia Velvet Counterrevolution
German Democratic Republic Annexation of East Germany
SR Romania Romanian coup d'état
USSR Overthrow of the Soviet Union
SFR Yugoslavia Yugoslav Wars

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