Google Inc.

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Google Inc.
Google's 2015 logo.
IndustryAdvertising, Artificial Intelligence, and Information Science
FounderLarry Page
Sergey Brin
Headquarters1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, California, United States

Google Inc. is a United States-based tech company involved in state surveillance, censorship, and military contracting. It runs Google Search, the world's largest search engine. It is owned by the holding company Alphabet Inc.

Products[edit | edit source]

In December of 2023, Google unveiled their new AI model of Gemini and was consitered notable due to the idea that late starters in the AI industry (when compared to competitions like OpenAI) could still catch up and brought inspiration to the Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Industry Association and Chinese AI creators.[1]

Censorship[edit | edit source]

In April 2017, Google implemented changes to Google Search to make it more difficult to access so-called "fake news." The censorship decreased visits to the World Socialist Web Site from over 422,000 per month to only 120,000. Other left-wing and anti-war websites targeted include AlterNet, Consortium News, Counterpunch, Global Research, and WikiLeaks.[2]

CIA connections[edit | edit source]

Ryan Fugit, Google's senior manager of trust and security, was a CIA officer for eight years.

Jeff Lazarus worked for the CIA from 2010 to 2015 as an economic and political analyst. He joined Google in 2017 to suppress "extremist content" and joined Apple in 2021.

Google Senior Intelligence Collector Jacqueline Lopour worked for the CIA for more than ten years and wrote papers for the U.S. president about the Middle East and South Asia. She joined Google in 2017.

Nick Rossman worked as a CIA analyst focusing on Iraq for five years and joined Google as a senior manager in 2021.[3]

Imperialism[edit | edit source]

Google vice president Milo Medin and former executive chairman and board member Eric Schmidt are on the Pentagon's Defense Innovation Board. Google supplied mapping technology to the U.S. military for use in their invasion of Iraq.[4]

Google provides a cloud service system to the Israeli military as part of Project Nimbus.[5]

Surveillance[edit | edit source]

In 2013, Edward Snowden leaked evidence that the NSA and FBI had direct access to the internal servers of Google, YouTube, and several other major tech companies.[4]

References[edit | edit source]