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CovertAction Magazine is an anti-imperialist investigative news outlet founded in 1978 which focuses on covert operations.

Contributing authors have included Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Michael Parenti, Sara Flounders, Philip Agee, John Pilger, Ramsey Clark, Leonard Peltier, Allen Ginsberg, Diana Johnstone, Laura Flanders, Edward S. Herman, and Ward Churchill.[1]

Originally named CovertAction Information Bulletin (CAIB), it eventually was re-named to CovertAction Quarterly (CAQ) in 1992, and most recently was re-launched as CovertAction Magazine (CAM) in 2018. The 2018 CAM relaunch is headed by co-founder, publisher and writer, Louis Wolf.[1] CAIB was founded by a team formerly associated with the publication CounterSpy, and the CAIB founding team consisted of (former) CIA case officer Philip Agee, other (former) agents, and a number of researchers focused on researching U.S. intelligence operations.[2]

Modern imperialism (especially that of the United States) primarily utilizes covert methods, as overt rule (invasion, occupation) is increasingly unpopular among the population. The covert nature of modern imperialism is in contrast to historical instances of imperialism which primarily relied on overt hard power operations such as military occupation.


CovertAction Information Bulletin (CAIB) published its premier issue on July 1, 1978. The article "Who We Are" in the first issue states that the founding team of CovertAction branched off from the team of another publication, CounterSpy. This was prompted by "personal and political disputes coupled with CIA harassment" which led to an impasse among the staff. The article describes CovertAction's team as а (former) CIA case officer for twelve years (Philip Agee), two individuals who worked in finance and support for the CIA for nine years, and the rest of the team having devoted several years to researching U.S. intelligence operations. The article lays out the team's intentions to "never stop exposing CIA personnel and operations whenever and wherever we find them" and invites readers to submit copies of U.S. diplomatic lists and U.S. embassy staff and telephone directories, from any countries.[2]

CAIB used to publish a "Naming Names" column, which would identify covert agents, listing details such as their names and station locations. However, the "Naming Names" column was published for the last time in 1981 due to the introduction of the 1982 Intelligence Identities Protection Act, signed into law by Ronald Reagan.

CAIB was re-named to CovertAction Quarterly (CAQ) in 1992.

In 2018, it was re-launched as CovertAction Magazine (CAM), headed by co-founder, publisher and writer, Louis Wolf.[1]

Notable people

*Asterisk indicates this person is deceased


  • *Philip Agee
  • *William Kunstler
  • *Michael Ratner
  • *Ellen Ray
  • *William Schaap
  • *James Wilcott
  • *Elsie Wilcott
  • Louis Wolf

Editorial Board

  • Chris Agee, Executive Editor, CovertAction Magazine; CUNY, SUNY, Socialism and Democracy
  • Sam Alcoff, Democracy Now!
  • Stephen M. Brown, Progressive Radio Network, Pacifica Radio
  • Mark Cook, Investigative Journalist
  • Aaron Good, Editor at Large, CovertAction Magazine; author (American Exception: Empire and the Deep State)
  • Josh Klein, Iona College
  • Jeremy Kuzmarov, Managing Editor, CovertAction Magazine
  • Maureen LaMar, CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies
  • Michael Locker, Co-founder, North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA)
  • Mimi Rosenberg, WBAI and Legal Aid Society
  • Louis Wolf, Co-founder, CovertAction Information Bulletin and CovertAction Quarterly

Board of Advisors

  • *William Blum, Anti-Empire Report, Former U.S. State Department
  • Dennis J. Bernstein, Flashpoints, Pacifica Radio
  • *Tom Burgess, City University of New York
  • Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research
  • Jack Colhoun, Investigative Journalist
  • Hester Eisenstein, Queens College and CUNY Graduate Center
  • David Giglio, Our Hidden History
  • Eva Golinger, Lawyer, Author and Journalist
  • Jennifer Harbury, Immigration and Human Rights Attorney
  • John Kiriakou, Former CIA Analyst and Case Officer
  • Maureen LaMar, City University of New York
  • Clarence Lusane, Investigative Journalist
  • Wayne Madsen, Wayne Madsen Report
  • Charles Hetram Mohan, City University of New York
  • Bill Montross, CovertAction Quarterly
  • James Petras, State University of New York
  • Karen Ranucci, Democracy Now!
  • Margaret Ratner Kunstler, Institute for Media Analysis
  • Stephanie Reich, Investigative Journalist
  • Ralph Schoenman, Personal Secretary to Bertrand Russell
  • Mya Shone, Pacifica Radio
  • Christopher Simpson, American University
  • Cliff Smith, Former U.S. State Department
  • Hobart Spalding, City University of New York
  • Jesús Rafael Velázquez, Universitario IUT Cumaná
  • Victor Wallis, Berklee College of Music, Socialism and Democracy
  • Colonel Ann Wright, Retired U.S. Army and State Department
  • Melvin L. Wulf, Beldock, Levine & Hoffman LLP

Staff & Volunteers

  • Chris Agee
  • Sam Alcoff
  • Stephen M. Brown
  • Mark Cook
  • David Giglio
  • Aaron Good
  • Josh Klein
  • Jeremy Kuzmarov
  • Maureen LaMar
  • Michael Locker
  • Bill Montross
  • Stephanie Reich
  • Mimi Rosenberg
  • Louis Wolf


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