William Blum

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William Blum
BornMarch 6, 1933
Brooklyn, New York City, United States
DiedDecember 9, 2018
Arlington, Virginia

William Henry Blum (March 6, 1933 – December 9, 2018) was a Statesian anti-imperialist author.

Early life

Blum was born in Brooklyn in 1933 and worked for the U.S. State Department in the 1960s. He left the State Department in 1967 because of the Vietnam War and founded the Washington Free Press.[1]


In 1969, Blum released an exposé of more than 200 CIA agents. He worked as a journalist in Chile in the early 1970s, reporting on Salvador Allende's government which was overthrown by the CIA in 1973. He later worked for CovertAction Magazine.[1]



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