Library:Korea book recommendations by @stopTHAAD

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Book recommendations about Korea from the Twitter account @stopTHAAD, a Korean nationalist and proletarian feminist.

Fatherland Liberation War

Books relating to the Fatherland Liberation War, known in the West as the Korean War.[1]

  • The US Imperialists Started the Korean War (pdf)
  • Patriots, Traitors and Empires by Stephen Gowans (pdf)
  • The Korean War by Hugh Deane (pdf)
  • The Korean War - An Unanswered Question by Dr. Channing Liem (pdf)

DPRK and modern Korea

Books about the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and modern Korea as a whole. [2]

  • Modern Korea: The socialist North, revolutionary perspectives in the South, and unification - Kim Byong Sik (pdf)
  • Understanding Workers' Party of Korea (pdf)
  • Korea in the 2st Century (pdf)