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Twitter is a Statesian microblogging and bourgeois social networking service managed by Twitter, Inc. and owned by billionaire Elon Musk. It has been used for censorship, psychological warfare, and promotion of pro-Western pro-capitalist colour revolutions.[1]

Twitter's own internal documents confirm that it promotes center-right neoliberal politicians and diminishes the voice of the left and far-left.[2] Its largest shareholder is Vanguard (10.37%) and among the largest include BlackRock (4.70%).[3] Since Musk bought the platform in October 2022, anti-Semitism, racism,[4] sexism, and transphobia have increased greatly.[5]


Since 2021, Twitter has been partnering with Reuters (which is UK government-backed,[6][7] CIA-linked[8]) in order to censor alternative views such as those who oppose the false narrative of Russiagate.[9][10]

Twitter labels state-funded media accounts from Russia and China but not from the U.S., U.K., or France. It claims it doesn't allow ads from state media accounts but published dozens of ads from Voice of America, a state-funded U.S. propaganda outlet. These ads quoted speeches from Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo and called for regime change in Iran.[11]

Banned accounts

In 2020, Twitter banned 170,000 accounts that supported the Communist Party of China or supported China's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thousands of accounts from Iran, Russia, Syria, and Venezuela have also been banned, including many non-government accounts.[11] In 2021, Twitter deleted dozens of accounts for "undermining faith in the NATO alliance."[12]

Imperialist connections

British government

Gordon MacMillan, Twitter's top executive for Middle East-related content, works for the British military's psychological warfare unit. The British government openly calls his work "information warfare."[11]


Twitter's senior director of product trust, Matthew W., worked at the FBI for 15 years. Douglas Turner, who worked as a SWAT Team leader and senior special agent now works in Twitter's security service. Senior program manager Jeff Carlton worked for the U.S. Marines, FBI, and CIA in Iraq and Korea. Other FBI agents working for Twitter include Deputy General Counsel Jim Baker, Senior Director of Strategy Dawn Burton, Director of Corporate Security Mark Jaroszewski, and Director of Corporate Resilience Karen Walsh.[12]


Police use the CIA-funded Dataminr company to track protests through a feed of Twitter posts.[5]


Twitter participates in the NSA's PRISM program, giving the NSA nearly unlimited access to communications and account information.[5]


In response to pro-imperialist censorship, alternative social media platforms become increasingly popular.[13] Mastodon is a FOSS alternative to Twitter.