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Reuters is a worldwide news agency with an imperialist bias established in London in 1851.

Despite its self-proclaimed integrous, independent, and bias-free reporting,[1] the agency has been found at several different times to have collaborated with agencies such as the CIA or UK Foreign Office.

Reuters was funded by the UK's now-defunct Information Research Department during the 1960s and 70s so that they could expand their coverage of West Asia[2] -- at a time when the UK was active in destabilizing governments in Yemen, Iran and Saudi Arabia. The same department also funded Reuters' expansion in South America.

On July 2023, The Grayzone published leaked documents that showed the UK Foreign Office funded a Reuters media outlet in Egypt to the tune of 2 million British pounds.[3] The outlet, called Aswat Masriya, defended General Abdel Fattah Sisi’s violent coup in 2013, which led to mass incarcerations and a human rights crisis. By 2016, Aswat Masriya was one of the 500 most visited websites in Egypt before its closure.

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