Official Irish Republican Army

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Official Irish Republican Army
Óglaigh na hÉireann
Dates of operationDecember 28, 1969-May 30, 1972 (armed actions occurred occasionally after)
Split fromAnti-Treaty Irish Republican Army
AllegianceIrish Republic
IdeologyIrish Republicanism
Electoralism (Irish Republican)
AlliesIn Northern Ireland
Provisional Irish Republican Army (rarely)
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics(nominally)
Democratic People's Republic of Korea (nominally)
OpponentsUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Republic of Ireland
Unionist terrorist groups
Irish National Liberation Army (sometimes)
Battles and warsThe Troubles
Organization(s)Worker's Party (Ireland) (political wing)

The Official Irish Republican Army was an Irish Republican military organization. It formed after the 1969 split in the Anti-Treaty Irish Republican Army, where it chose to drop the traditional Republican policy of abstentionism.[1]

It existed from the split until 1972, when it declared a ceasefire after a bombing attempt on the British Army group responsible for the Bloody Sunday massacre went wrong.[2] It continued some actions after that, mainly against the Irish National Liberation Army, which split from it.[3]

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