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Tankie Bunker is a Discord community and the largest internet chatroom made exclusively for Marxist-Leninists, with over 1,100 active uses as of December 2020. The server was originally created in May 2020 by two users RedVulture and Bailsafe as a hangout server for the users of r/InformedTankie, but has since expanded widely to become one of the most prominent leftist servers on all of Discord, and has become well-known for being more mature and education-focused than most others.

Officially, Tankie Bunker supports all AES, including and especially the People's Republic of China. The server is moderated by a number of well-known communist content creators, including BayArea415 of The Comrade Report and Iskender of ProleWiki.

In September 2020 the server faced some internal strife when a group of users were banned for continuedly disrupting the regular chats with reactionary memes, launching a days-long unsuccessful campaign by said users to attempt to hack the server and get it taken down. The server's former moderator also used to be RedVulture, a known child predator who was expelled from the Communist Party of Canada for harassing teenage boys online. However both these incidents have been effectively dealt with by the mods, and to this day Tankie Bunker continues to be one of the more civil and well-rounded leftist Discord servers, known for its emphasis on educated discussion and discouragement of memes and shitposting.

Here is a permanent invite link to the server: https://discord.gg/exqQAbP